advantages and disadvantages

article of confederation


land ordance(the northwest ordance of 1787- territories of state were reorgainized) Peace with Britain Cabinet departments (war, treasury, and foreign affairs) full faith and credit(states would respect citizens and laws from other states


No power to generate revenue(tax) no power to regulate trade congress had no power Approval of 9 states to have a law passed Amendments to the Articles of Confederation required all 13 states approval(back then there was only 13) no executive branch no national court system Answer
Cons- no central government= no military, each state was run by militia. There was also different currency in different states and different state constitutions with different law
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1 To declare war and make peace.

2 To coin and borrow money

3 To detail with foreign countries and sign treaties

4 To operate post offices


1 The national government could not force the states to obey its laws.

2 It did not have the power to tax

3 It did not have the power to enforce laws

4 Congress lacked strong and steady leadership

5 There was no national army or navy

6 There was no system of national courts

7 Each state could issue its own paper money

8 Each state could put tariffs on trade between states. (A tariff is a tax on goods coming in from another state or country.)