Happy Birthday Hamilton! 2013

Celebrating Founding Father Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton was born on January 11th...

...on the small island of Nevis in the Caribbean. As an immigrant to the United States, Hamilton left his mark on the country's political, economic, and legal institutions. This year on his birthday, The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society (The AHA Society) celebrates his life and achievements with Happy Birthday Hamilton!

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Alexander Hamilton's Birthday Celebration - AHA Society Events 2013 - NYC & Nevis

At Trinity Wall Street

Friday, Jan. 11th, 1pm

79 Broadway

New York, NY

Join in honoring Alexander Hamilton's birth. A special proclamation from the Prime Minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis will be read, Hamilton's tomb will be blessed, and special speakers will lay a wreath on Hamilton's grave. Come inside the church afterwards to hear "The Enduring Relevance of Alexander Hamilton." Trinity Church is filming the event and it will be broadcast live and on-demand here.

"The Enduring Relevance of Alexander Hamilton"

Don't miss Dr. Richard Sylla's special talk on Alexander Hamilton at 1:15 PM inside Trinity Wall Street. Dr. Sylla is a Henry Kaufman Professor of the History of Financial Institutions and Markets, and a Professor of Economics at NYU's Stern School of Business.

At the Museum of American Finance

Friday, Jan. 11th, 5pm

48 Wall St

New York, NY

Get a slice of birthday cake (as well as a slice of history) inside the Museum of American Finance. We'll be connecting over the internet with Nevis, Alexander Hamilton's birthplace, for a special celebration. The Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis will be cutting the cake on Nevis at the same time that an Alexander Hamilton descendant cuts the cake at the Museum of American Finance!

At the Hamilton Birthplace in Nevis

Simultaneous Birthday Celebration

The Alexander Hamilton Museum will hold a joint video connection and cake cutting event with The AHA Society and Museum of American Finance. Plus, the Alexander Hamilton Scholarships will be presented to local school children.

4-6:15 PM (Nevis time) on Friday, January 11th

At the Hamilton Grange

Saturday, Jan. 12th, 11am

414 W 141st St

New York, NY

Rand Scholet, President and Founder of The AHA Society will present at the Hamilton Grange National Memorial at 11 am. Hamilton's home and museum will also be open for touring. At 12:30 pm, a National Park Ranger will give a lecture on "Hamilton's Caribbean." Completely restored in 2011, Alexander Hamilton's home offers a great insight into both Hamilton's personal life and public accomplishments. Click here to see the Hamilton Grange's flyer.

"Alexander Hamilton: Washington's Indispensable Partner"

Did you know that Alexander Hamilton worked side-by-side George Washington over a span of 22 years? First as Washington's aide-de-camp, then as Treasury Secretary, and finally as his next-in-command during the Quasi-War, Hamilton was Washington's "right-hand man." Learn more about George Washington's indispensable partner in a talk by Rand Scholet, President and Founder of The AHA Society.

Review of Times and Places in NYC

Other Events For Hamilton's Birthday

Talk on Alexander Hamilton's life and career at St. Paul's Church, Mt. Vernon, NY

1 PM on Wednesday, January 9th

"Alexander Hamilton - The Little Lion" at Morris-Jumel Mansion, NYC

1 PM on Saturday, January 12th

Alexander Hamilton's Birthday Celebration by Hamilton College Alumni

36 different locations come together for their event - see website for more information

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