Southwest Region

By: Tejesh

Geography Notes

The Grand Canyon, located in northwest Arizona and attracts 5 million people per year.

Sangre De Cristo MTS is located in north of New Mexico.

One of the major bodies of water is the Gulf of Mexico which borders southeast of Texas. Rio Grande in New Mexico borders Texas. The Red river borders northeast Texas. The Colorado river runs through Grand Canyon National Park.

Geography Notes Con't

The climate changes when it becomes fall. The climate becomes cooler all through until March. The other half is the warm season. The Rainy season comes during the summer.

Arizona, Phoenix

Texas, Austin, Dallas, Huston

New Mexico, Santa Fe, Albuquerque

Oklahoma, Oklahoma city, Tulsa, Tucson

All the population for these states and cities are 37,348,108

Natural Wonder Notes

The place is Canyon de Chelly and its a national monument

Canyon de Chelly is located in Northeast Arizona

At Canyon de Chelly nothing historic happened but you can do more than 58 things there

People would see different types of animals and they could do more than 58 different kinds of things there.

Economy notes

At Texas the natural resources are cotton ,oil.

At Arizona the natural resources are copper, sheep and cattle.

At New Mexico the natural resources are mining , dairy and beef.

At Oklahoma the natural resources are peanuts poultry, manufacturing and hogs.

The products that are manufactured in Texas are chemicals.

The products that are manufactured in Arizona are salsa and sunscreen.

The products that are manufactured in New Mexico are chili peppers, hot sauce and jelly.

The products that are manufactured in Oklahoma are beef jerky, young chicken, wool and eggs.

Economy Notes Con't

Cattle, wheat, cotton, Poultry, Hogs, sheep, peanuts, fruit and vegetables are agriculture or farming that takes place in the southwest region.

People use flat land for farming, forest for lumberjacks, water for fishing, oil for energy, potatoes, dairy. They also use flat land for cities in the southwest region.

Tourist Attraction Notes

Do you know what Taos Pueblo?

Its like a house but made of special material!

Taos Pueblo is located in Toas country, New Mexico and 4,500 people live there.

Taos Pueblo has been standing there for a thousand years and a lot of people live there.