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See my entire 1st 9 weeks calendar here!

  • Monday: Holiday
  • Tuesday: HHS9
  • Wednesday: HHS
  • Thursday: HHS
  • Friday: DJCC (AM); Office (PM)

For days I am on your specific campus, email me or tweet me@DigitalCrawford to set up a time we can work together. Please include your campus, room number, and preferred time.

How are teachers using the IT Facilitator?

With ThingLink students create an interactive image on any device (iPad app is free) by adding touchable "things" to an image. These "things" can be images, text, or videos. They can be found on the internet or created by students to capture their learning. When completed, students can share all of their interactive images in a teacher's channel to take a virtual gallery walk.

Check out a couple of examples below. How could you use ThingLink?

  • Enhancing a map with country names, capitals, informative videos, and images of the terrain
  • Labeling parts of a cell or dissected frog
  • Capturing learning of full understanding of vocabulary words by demonstrating meaning in video
  • Labeling parts of a room, body, anything(!) in a foreign language
  • Sharing a math problem with a student-created video explaining how to find the solution plus linking to tutorial videos from YouTube and images of useful formulas or prior learning
  • The sky's the limit!

What else can we work on together?

Your colleagues have been meeting with me about...

  • Getting their classrooms' technology going
  • Google Drive
  • Google Classroom
  • Twitter
  • Moodle
  • Scannable
  • iPad Apps
  • Creating a Student Driven Open House

What are your instructional technology goals? I can help with those!

Instructional Technology can take you classroom to new heights! Where do you want to go today?