cyber bullying knock down!!

Why i am making this page....

HI my name is Nautica Tyson and i am making this page today because i have had seen many incidents were bullying has hurt people. I don't believe it is right because people have been getting really hurt during this and people have gotten to the point to were they have committed suicide. Also the bullying doesn't think they can have done anything to in packed on the victim, But they really have they can get serious consequences from harming others. So if you believe it's OK to bully people it's not trust me you don't want to do it. You dont want to do it because it may look like you are cool and everything but you really aren't when hurting others. It's better to build someone up ever day then brake them down because when doing this you can make more friends and can be a roll model. I don't know about you all but i would feel really good about being a roll model and making people feel like they are worth something because lots of time people dont know they mean something until that one person shows them or tells them they do. So the whole thing why i made this is because i wanted to tell everyone to not bullying and to be unique.

Stop the knock down!!

Some ways you can stop cyber bulling is to tell a trusted adult what is going on. Next you have to make sure you have safe password and don't tell anyone unless you can really trust them. When someone is bullying you have to safe the evidence and show someone what has been happening to you. Another you can do is block that person on every thing and don't let them get to you. Last you can report that person to your parents and they can take it to the school and you can get help.