Help save the environment one device at a time.

What is e-cycling?

E-cycling is the recycling of electronic devices. When electronic devices are thrown away, instead of being recycled, they release harmful chemicals into the air. These chemicals can include lead, cadmium, and mercury. Which are very toxic, and dangerous to the environment. However, when devices are e-cycled, they are safely disposed in a way that doesn't harm the environment.

Four simple steps towards saving the environment, and becoming an e-cycler!

1. Have e-cycling bins in your school. Encourage your school to have e-cycling bins in classrooms.

2. Encourage others. If your school has e-cycling bins, encourage your classmates to use them.

3. Educate others. Read and learn about e-cycling using this site and other sources. Then go spread the word. Teach other people about e-cycling and the positive affects that it has on the environment.

4. E-cycle. If you have e-cycling bins in your classrooms, or know a place where you can get to one, use it. You can't promote e-cycling without doing it yourself! So start e-cycling today!

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