5th Grade News

Charleston Update - December 4, 2015

Coming Up...

  • 5th Grade Candy Gram Sales (Monday, Dec. 7-Friday, Dec. 11)- $1.00 each (cash only)

Themed Days:

  • Mon., Dec. 14- Candy Cane Day (wear red & white)
  • Tues., Dec. 15- Grinch Day (wear green)
  • Wed., Dec. 16- Ugly Sweater Day & PDQ Spirit Night 4-8 pm
  • Thurs., Dec. 17- Snowflake Day & Winter Party 10:05-11:05 & Winter Concert 7 pm - Titled- Snow Way Out *Students should arrive at 6:30 pm and report to their homeroom unless otherwise notified. Students are asked to dress in holiday colors. Questions? Email matthew.ablan@cms.k12.nc.us
  • Fri., Dec. 18-Jingle Bell Day

Winter Break:

  • NO SCHOOL Dec. 21- Jan. 1

Field Trip Information-Updated 12/4/15

The 5th grade Field Trip is to Charleston, SC on February 10-11, 2016 (that is a Wednesday and Thursday). The total cost of this trip is $275. We will spend 2 days and 1 night in historic Charleston.

*The online payment feature is not yet up and running for the Charleston Trip. We will email you as soon as it is available.**

Important Dates: (some dates changed)

  • Tuesday, Dec. 15- Pick up Fundraiser Items sold at Parkside (3:30-5:30)
  • Monday, Jan. 11- First payment due ($175)
  • Monday, Feb. 1- Final payment due ($100)
  • Tuesday, Feb. 2- Mandatory Packing Meeting (meet the chaperones)
  • 5:45 am on Feb. 10- begin boarding charter buses from Parkside parking lot :0)

Winter Wonderland

We have chosen a Winter Wonderland & the Spirit of Giving as our theme for these last few weeks before Winter Break. Your child will be completing themed math activities, reading about all things winter, and learning about some other cultures and customs during these winter months. If you have anything to share or contribute to the theme, please email Mrs. Robinson.

Math- Fractions + & -

We started the week out diving into adding and subtracting fractions. We reviewed like denominators, because they learned this in 4th grade. The classes will spend the next few weeks learning how to add and subtract fractions with UNLIKE denominators. This includes finding the LCM of 2 numbers, changing fractions to equivalent fractions, and reducing these fractions to simplest form.

Some of the students are currently struggling with the fact that there are so many steps involved in solving these types of problems. If you see your child struggling with this concept, please let us know. Fractions are the bulk of the 5th Grade Math EOG and knowing their multiplication facts makes this easier. Please continue to practice multiplication facts at home.

English Language Arts (Reading)

This week we are reviewing citing text based evidence when answering questions. That's a fancy way for answering questions by saying..."According to the text..." and using quotation marks to copy words directly from the text. Please ask your child to tell you some of the ways that Isaac Newton was a unique individual. You will be surprised!

Please make sure your child is still reading a fiction book for enjoyment and jotting nightly. This book should come back and forth from school to home daily. Remind them to log their reading on Biblionasium daily.

Science- Heat Transfer

We had a busy week this week as we continued learning about Heat Transfer. We did some experiments to model the different ways heat can transfer. We also took a vocabulary test covering all of matter this week.

Students need to be able to explain the difference between conduction, convection, and radiation and know examples of each. We will continue experimenting with the 3 methods of heat transfer next week to prepare for our Unit Test on Heat Transfer on Friday, December 11th. Yesterday, students received a study guide to help them prepare for their test. The study guide is due on Dec. 10th.

To practice vocabulary words, I would suggest creating vocabulary flash cards with the word on the front and the definition with examples on the back to promote further understanding.

The Life of a Single Mom Meeting

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 6:30-7:30pm

Mallard Creek Recreation Center 2530 Johnston Oehler Road Charlotte, NC 28269

This is a new group to give single moms the opportunity to come together for encouragement and personal growth.

Featuring: Kids Club where kids are engaged in fun activities while mom is having fellowship. Ages 2 – 12. (children MUST be potty trained)

For More Information or to Reserve your spot today please call: 980-314-1121