Half Day Workshop

Learn How to "Nail It" in Federal Contracts

Core learning topics:

* The fastest way to find profitable federal contracts and where to find construction opportunities that few contractors know about. With this information, members will know exactly who to contact and how to get access to the thousands of federal construction projects that are NOT available through the governments' main procurement website known as FedBizOpps.
* How to find additional bonding and bonding alternatives that can save you up to 50% over traditional bonds and are acceptable on many federal contracts up to $150,000 in value.
* What to do when your bid is too low. A detailed explanation as to when it is best to modify the bid, how to do it so your bid is not rejected and how to withdraw bids without penalty.
* What to do when your submitted bid price is too high. You will learn a unique strategy to help the government change their evaluation of your bid.
* The only method of payment application that fully complies with all the the regulations so your funds are received quickly and with protection from payment claims.
* Training on the use of a unique contract clause that 100% guarantees that contractors will never have a lawsuit from any subcontractor.
* How to use past performance of competitors to predict future bid results.
*Roofers, General Contractors, and Specialty trades should attend.

The last event in Dallas sold out!

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Half Day Intro to Federal Government Construction

Monday, July 15th 2013 at 8am-12pm

3826 W Waters Ave


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Who are the Government Construction Experts?

Sean Reitmeyer

Over 20 years experience performing 300+ Federal Contracts worth over 250 Million dollars.Ran a one-man Federal Government construction company from his home for 5 years earning$25,000 a month in profit while working less than 10 hours a week. Sean provides an excellentbusiness plan for the small construction company that is just getting started in Federal Contracts. See the results.

GC Experts

Government Construction Experts mainly consists of, a Father-Son duo; Doug Reitmeyer and Sean Reitmeyer who combined have over 50 years of experience, 1000 contracts and over $1 billion in revenue, in the federal market. Due to extenuating, circumstances the Reitmeyer's retired from competing in the market and created GC Experts.GC Experts centers on the exclusive and extensive system that facilitated Doug and Sean in their success. GC Experts provides, advanced training, consulting and assistance to contractors, in or who are interested in, being National Federal Contractors. GC Exerts is working towards providing quality information to ALL construction business professionals through various products, online venues and events!