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News & Notes

- Lesson plans should be uploaded weekly by 8am on Mondays unless otherwise noted.

- We talked a little about this on Tuesday, but just to reiterate, attendance and punctuality are very important. We understand that emergencies and sudden illnesses come up, but attendance and punctuality are cornerstones to professional behavior.

- It is mandatory that you watch the Suicide Prevention PowerPoint that Ms. Beck emailed out this week. It only takes a few minutes. When you compete this, initial the roster in the office workroom.

- The PBIS Team will meet in the PLaCe on Monday at 2:45.

- Tuesday is Tech Tuesday. Ms. Aycock will send out and post a message about the when and where.

- Report cards go home on Tuesday.

- Our recognition ceremony is Friday at 1:15.

- Please email lunch counts to Latasha Lovett.

Focuses for this Semester

- Add this to your list of New Year's Resolutions:

Please focus on staying on schedule - school-wide. To maximize instructional time, it will take effort from everyone.

1) Classroom teachers - Get to CAMP on time and pick up on time.

2) CAMP teachers - Have kids ready to go when CAMP is done.

3) Minimize transitions to lunch, recess, media center, bathroom, sped. resource, etc.

4) Practice and perfect in-classroom transitions (changing groups, putting up papers, etc.).

5) Start class immediately after morning announcements.

These are just a few things that promote a sense of immediacy and keep us focused on student learning.

Tweet of the Week

Interesting article on physical activity and the positive effects for children.

Look Ahead ->

- We have a full faculty meeting (including an office staff rep., custodian rep., and lunchroom staff rep.) on Wednesday, Jan. 20 at 2:45. This will be about SACS accreditation. Plan to stay until 3:30. Classified staff may leave 15 minutes early on Thursday, Jan. 21.

- Our second annual Day of Innovation will be on the 100th day of school which is Friday, Jan. 22. Ms. Rountree is compiling a list of easy innovative lessons that you may choose for that day. All grade levels will be participating. I'll share that list and send out more specifics about the Day of Innovation next week.
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