Redemption - Zerrie Gaps

"Everything is going to be okay."

The Main Conflict

The main conflict in the story is the main character.

Harry Bradbury is your typical teenager, at just 18 years old he runs the biggest, stealthiest and deadliest gang in Chicago. He has been on a mission for 3 years now, and that is to find his mate. The one with the same infinity sign tattooed on her neck as him.

When they do find each other; they must find a way to cope with all the death that looms over them.

The Character I Can Relate Too

Honestly, I can't relate to any of them.

One person that I dislike greatly in this story is, Perrie. Her mate, Zack, had kidnapped her and killed her family to live happily with her. She changes herself and forgets about her whole past just for Zack. I believe that it was a stupid decision to change yourself for someone let along be with someone who had killed your family!

Would I Recommend This Book?

I would definitely not recommend this book to any of my friends.

Firstly, None of my friends like to read or thoroughly enjoy it as much as I do.

Secondly, This book is VERY gruesome and has very graphic details.

And thirdly, Most people don't enjoy romantic novels.

5 Questions

1. What inspired you to write this book?

2. How did you imagine your characters looking?

3. Would you ever want your book to be a movie?

4. Who inspired you to be a writer?

5. When did you start writing, professionally?

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