Lloyd Road School Newsletter

March 2017

Principal's Message:

Grade 5 World Language Club Begins

In an effort to expose our Grade 5 students to the middle school world language options, we were able to begin a pilot of a World Language club after school. The goal is to promote cultural awareness for the three world language programs that are offered at MAMS which are French, Italian and Spanish. Up until Grade 5, students only receive Spanish as their World Language. Students will gain insight into the culture and heritage of the countries that use the languages. On March 2nd, a school counselor from MAMS will also visit Lloyd Road to meet with all Grade 5 students during their recess period. The counselor will talk more about the World Language Program offerings next year when they are in Grade 6.

Although the World Language club was only available to Grade 5 students this year it is good for our Grade 4 parents to know the options in middle school since the two years at Lloyd Road go so fast. We know that the benefits to knowing a second language are invaluable no matter what the language is so we hope to be able to expand our after school World Language club to more students in both grades next year.

Mr. Jerabek


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Students of the Month!

Congratulations to our Students of the Month for February! February's theme was Fairness. The selected students were as follows:

Caitlyn Boylan, Nicholas Buczynski, Colin Clare, Evan CoCo, Madeline DeChristopher, Andee Dircks, Alenxandrea Duran, Julian Facchini, Alexis Fineran, Jake Frappier, Jasmine Grinberg, Stephanie Juarez, Peyton Kanaszka, Jenise Maldonado, Emily Mills, Nicholas Moran, Aidan Mullarkey, Robert Prestia, Arianna Riveros, Connor Signorile, Kaylah Verrastro, Sierah Verrastro, Grace Walunas, and Jack Youncofski.

Each month, we emphasize a new theme and then ask for one nomination from each homeroom teacher. The chosen students are then invited to attend lunch with the Principal and Assistant Principal on an assigned day. The students also receive various awards and have their photos displayed on our Star Students award boards in our front foyer.

Congratulations again to these students! Our March Student of the Month theme is COURAGE.

5th Grade Yearbook Photos & Lovelines

The school year book is looking for pictures you may have from this school year. Class parties, class trips, dances, or anything school related. Email your photos to http://community.lifetouch.com using access code GOIMTT.

Fifth graders - the yearbook needs a baby picture. That too can be sent to the address above. All photos are due by March 20th. Those who are interested in sending a 5th grader a Love Line in the yearbook must get them in by April 7th. Love Lines are $3 per line (100 characters max per line) Checks can be made payable to Lloyd Road School PTO. Look for the flyer in the Virtual Backpack for more information.

Continental Math League

The Continental Math League is a national contest consisting of five monthly problem solving tests in which the students are presented with 6 very challenging problems to solve in 30 minutes. This is one attempt to meet the individual needs of our students who show a talent for and interest in mathematical problem solving. We are proud to announce our winners as follows for both 4th and 5th grade:

Grade 4

Perfect Score: Anders Nielsen

Great Score: Om Agrawal, Shreya Deshpande, Tim Seldura, and Lindsay Teubner

Grade 5

Perfect Score: Ayush Bobra & Emily Mills

Great Score: Sean Hart, Keith Miquela, Natalie Queenan, and Sean Proce

Congratulations again!

Counselor News:

Happy March!

I have had a wonderful time getting to know the students and staff at Lloyd Road! Everyone has made me feel so welcome and I am very grateful for that! As the school counselor, I am here to not only be a support to your child but also to work collaboratively with you, the teachers, and school staff to ensure that your child’s social and emotional needs are being met. One of my roles includes mediation in situations where two or more students are having a conflict. As we all know, a conflict is a normal part of life. However, we can all work together to empower our children/students to resolve their own conflicts which can not only increase their self-esteem but allow them to develop meaningful relationships. Therefore, please find below some tips (from “childhood 101”) to think about when helping your child resolve their conflicts:

1) Provide children with coping strategies for remaining calm especially during times when they may feel angry and/or frustrated.

2) Help your child understand the importance of listening and using nice words when speaking to others.

3) Work together with your child to brainstorm various solutions to solving the conflict, with the goal of finding a

solution that is fair and makes everyone happy.

4) Talk regularly with children about the benefits of being kind, being fair and sharing with others, and catch them

doing the right thing as often as you can – rewarding positive examples with a lot of verbal encouragement.

5) Teach your child that it is okay to walk away when nothing else works, and that they should feel safe to come to

you or another trusted adult to seek assistance resolving difficult situations.

6) Use role play to help your child feel more comfortable applying the strategies outlined above.

7) Encourage imaginative play –this provides children with a sense of power where they feel in control, capable of

figuring things out, of thinking things through, and solving problems.

8) Have regular play dates!

*These tips were obtained from the following source: http://childhood101.com/2014/06/8-tips-for-helping-your-child-resolve-conflict-and-be-a-good-friend/. Please feel free to check out the website to learn more!


Ms. Rabbitt

School Counselor

Spring Fundraiser

On March 27th the annual Spring Fundraiser will be coming home with students. It is called Nature’s Vision- Fundraising for a Greener World. The orders and payments are due back to the school by April 26th. If you have any questions please contact Denyse Galasso at msdee0428@aol.com.

Nurse's Corner:

Project Medicine Drop

The effort to stop the abuse and diversion of prescription drugs begins at home - and must include the opportunity for New Jersey consumers to dispose of their unused medications safely and securely at any time throughout the year.

With New Jersey's Project Medicine Drop (NJPMD), we are placing secured drop boxes in the headquarters of local police departments. Consumers from anywhere in New Jersey can visit the boxes seven days a week, to drop off unneeded and expired medications - and keep them away from those at risk of abusing them.

The drop boxes accept solid pharmaceuticals such as pills, capsules, patches, inhalers, and pet medications. They cannot accept syringes or liquids.

For the hours of availability and other information, contact the police departments or call the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs at (800) 242-5846. You can also visit www.NJConsumerAffairs.gov/meddrop for more information.

Local Drop Boxes:

Hazlet Township Police Department: 255 Middle Road, Hazlet, NJ 07730, 732-264-6565.

Holmdel Police Department, 4 Crawfords Corner Road, Holmdel, NJ 07733, 732-946-4400

Old Bridge Police Department, 1 Old Bridge Plaza, Old Bridge, NJ 08857, 732-721-5600

Upcoming Events:

You can find detailed information on these events in our Lloyd Road School Virtual Backpack.

  • 3/7: "My First Garden" Fundraiser due
  • 3/8 - 3/9: School Store
  • 3/9: PTO Gift Basket Auction
  • 3/10: Staff In-Service: Schools Closed for Students
  • 3/12: Daylight Savings Time (set clocks forward)
  • 3/14-3/17: CoGat Test, Grade 4
  • 3/15: LR Art Show
  • 3/16: CoGat Test, Grade 4
  • 3/16: PTO Meeting, 7 pm., Lloyd Road Library
  • 3/20: School and Baby Pictures due
  • 3/21 - 3/23: Scholastic Book Fair
  • 3/20: Sheriff's Dept. K-9 Assemblies
  • 3/21-3/23: PTO Book Fair
  • 3/27: Spring Fundraiser goes home

Upcoming Dates:

  • 4/4: Spring Pictures
  • 4/5: Faculty Volleyball Game 7 p.m.
  • 4/6: End of 3rd Marking Period
  • 4/7: Yearbook Love Lines due
  • 4/10 - 4/17: Spring Break; Schools Closed
  • 4/20: Paper Tigers Film Screening & Discussion, HS
  • 4/20: Title 1 Family Night Workshop; Motivating Learners, MAMS
  • 4/20 - 4/21: School Store
  • 4/20: PTO Meeting, 7 pm., Library
  • 4/20: Superintendent's Monthly Meeting
  • 4/26: Nature's Vision Fundraiser Orders/Payments due