Can You Afford to Read About Ford?

TIffany Suriadinata and Harsh Vanam

This is A Great Video To Watch To Get Some Background Knowledge of Ford And How He Got To Where He Is Today

The Men Who Built America: The Every Man | History




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That is a Tudor Model T. It is one of the first cars to be built from production and etc. It is significant because it was one of the most widely bought car. It is also the bi-product of the very first assembly lines in history. The Model T also was a car that Henry Ford kept the same as the years went by, design and etc wise. There are a few differences here and there but it still remained the same. It was a major representation of Eli Whitney’s theory of interchangeable parts. This car was an icon then and is still one today. It is in this exhibit because its a huge part of Henry Ford’s life. He designed this and brought this beautiful machine to life and it was the reason why Ford became an industrial tycoon in the Gilded Age. It made 1920s roaring. People were able to move faster from one place to another. It spurred the theory of road trips and vacations as people are now able to go to farther places in shorter period of times. It was the precedent for our current family lifestyle and etc.


Ford Model T - 100 Years Later
The Model T came in many different styles. This car really started it all. The chassis, engine, drivetrain, and transmission were all the same. The only thing that differed was the body style. This is a precursor our current day where we have sports, sedan, premium luxury, and coupe versions. The Model T made the 1920’s roaring by allowing people to find an amazing place to get a job. Every Ford employee received a $5 wage a day and were treated well. With the use of the assembly line, it was easier to be employed.



Ford & Airlines

Little did many people know that the man behind the Model T operations was also in charge of manufacturing aircrafts for the Allies in WW1. As the US had entered late into WW1, the British asked Ford to help them build aircrafts to fight the Axis. Similar to the Model T, this aircraft was designed to be easy and quick to manufacture with standard parts and a system of interchangeables. With the assistance of Packard and General Motors, Ford was able to build the Liberty Engine. It was one of the most powerful engines at the time and was very good. Airwarfare was not so popular in WW1, so most of these designs went into WW2. This was boring in the 1920's due to the fact that it did not do much to spur anything. Towards this time, everyone was focused on the war and after the war they were focused on enjoying themselves and etc. It wasn't until Pearl Harbor that the Liberty Plans had went into full production mode.
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