Sammy Davis Jr.

" Sammy Davis Jr. was greatest entertainer of the year."

Before a star was made

Sammy Davis Jr. was born in Harlem, New York on December eighth 1925. His father was a African entertainer and his mother was a tap-dancer. When Sammy was a three year old his mother and father split up. His father not wanting to lose custody of little Sammy took him on tour with him. At age seven Sammy was in film by the name of Rufus Jones For President. In which he sang and danced in.

Rising Star

Sammy Davis Jr. started his career very young but was not known for it till he was older. Sammy Davis Jr. got his career started to get notice during WW II. He was picked to go fight in WW II. His talent was admired and respected by the white men at the time. After Sammy's discharge from the war. Sammy went and joined his family's dance act which played in clubs in Portland, Oregon.

Sammy's Death

Sammy Davis Jr. died in Beverly Hills, California on May 16, 1990 at the age of sixty-four. He died because of throat cancer complications. He was told that if he took a surgery that he would have a better chance of living if he took the surgery. He then said that he would rather keep his voice and die. He was then treated with chemotherapy and radiation. A couple of weeks before his death there was complications with the larnyx. He was buried by his father in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Genedale, California.
Sammy Davis Jr.- Tap Dancing,Singing, And More......