The Cold War

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"What was the Cold War?"

The Cold War was the only war in which no official fighting occurred between the belligerents. Instead, the Cold War was a war of Ideology and trying to get the upper hand over the other. The Cold War was "fought" between the two world superpowers of the time, the United States of America and the United Soviet Socialist Republic. Following World War II, the two superpowers emerged with separate halves of Europe under their control. While the USA wished to spread democracy and "freedom" to the now war-torn Europe, the USSR imagined a different Europe, one ruled by communism. While communism was good in theory, (debatably,) it challenged US ideals and thoughts, which riled Americans against the Communists. Though not a war which was fought, there was much fighting during the Cold War, mainly seen in the Korean and Vietnam wars. In both cases, the US sent either Aid or personnel to the southern country (who backed democracy,) where the USSR would send aid and troops to the Northern communist-backed countries. This costed thousands of lives for both sides, and even more for the countries they backed. The "war" lasted from 1946-1991, the year of the fall of the Soviet Union.

Major Events of the Cold War

Though the Cold War was mainly a war of ideology, there were some major events that defined the entirety of the war, including the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Space Race and the Cuban Missile Crisis.
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The Cuban Missile Crisis

Claimed as the "hottest" point of tension between the USSR and the US, the Cuban Missile Crisis was the closest that the world has ever gotten to nuclear fallout. The newly formed Peoples Republic of Cuba began to make shady weapons deals with the USSR, leading to the US finding unmapped missile bases throughout Cuba. The US was immediately on high alert, and aimed every missile they had at the USSR. The USSR, in a shocking twist, decided to stand down and return the Missiles to the USSR, creating the spark for peace between the US and USSR.
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The Bay of Pigs

As one of the greatest failures in US history, an armed group of rebels were pushed to overthrow the new pro-communist government in Cuba. Believing they had US air support at their backs, the men valiantly attacked, only to be taken prisoner and executed. JFK was blamed for this, and it was seen as a large blunder on the part of the US.