Bay View News

By: Mason J Slempkes

WWE Anti-Bully Rally

Today at Bay View Middle School W.W.E. personnel came to tell about the problems of bullying and how it's affected them. They all told the students that bullying is one of the worst thing to happen to them during childhood. Then employees of the Special Olympics Wisconsin to take the stand. They had one of their athletes tell about his child hood and how people judged him because of a disability. He was left out of things because of a mental disability they called him "Retard" or as he calls it the "R word". Then one fateful day when he was signed up for basketball nobody judged him at took him in as a friend on the team. The middle school was given an award for helping in the production of the special Olympics for twenty years. Thus ending the ceremony with the presentation of two awards to two children for sticking up for their peers and keeping their classrooms a better place.

The "Kid Olympics"

From watching the Aquarius lunch were their were a large amount of kids doing many different physical activities. From four square to playing basketball their were many different activities being participated in. The general area of children was energetic and fun.

Because the kid Olympics were coming up soon and the kids needed to train as soon as they could. So they train at home at school and everywhere they can. Some are participating in the following; four square (and variants), basketball, dodge ball, and an endless more activities.

The kids this year at 7th hour lunch are going to dominate. With the endless training and endurance to stick it out this far is incredible. This year the games are going to see the new face of what it means to be

A teenagers spring break

In the Howard Swamico School district many kids relished the sun and care free days of a much needed spring break. Many kids exercised hung out with friends and some binge watched Netflix, Hulu, and their favorite tv shows.

But one teenager named Mason Slempkes watched many television shows, some with more than two seasons. He secluded himself in his room for all of spring break watching shows like Dr Who, fullmetal alchemist, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, and other diverse animes and tv shows. This spring break was one of the most outstanding and mixed up ones he had never had.

Mason's spring break was a very interesting one compared to his classmates with good weather and a warm temperature he should have been outside. But even without the warm sun and exercise his spring break was a pleasant and calm break.