Ecology Scavenger Hunt

Nihar Tatapudi and Amit Verma 3rd Period


Definition: a biotic factor is any living component. Living things that relate with the ecosystem

Explanation: Amit is a living component in the ecosystem that can affect other organisms in his ecosystem, and/or eat other organisms as well.

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Definition: a non-living chemical or physical part of the environment that contributes to the ecosystem's functions.

Explanation: Quite simply, a rock is abiotic because it is not living and is within our ecosystem

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Definition: an organism that manufactures and creates its own organic nutrient-filled food derived from inorganic substance matter.

Explanation: a plant such as this green plant is able to get its own food through photosynthesis and conversion of carbon dioxide by getting light energy from the sun.

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Definition: an organism that cannot manufacture its own food, so it must get its energy and food source from other plants, animals, or other organic substances.

Explanation: Adithya is a heterotroph because he lives his daily life by eating food that he could not manufacture on his own organic nutrient-filled food, rather he eats chicken or other plant foods.

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Food Chain

Definition: a hierarchical series of organisms that are dependent on the next as a source of food.

Explanation: Grass are the producers (or autotrophs), providing its own food, bugs are a primary consumer feeding off of the grass and plants, birds such as chickens or other birds are secondary consumers who feed off the bugs, and then Jefferson is a tertiary consumer who feeds on birds, such as a chicken or other birds.

Grass - producer

Worm - primary consumer

Bird - secondary consumer

Jefferson - tertiary consumer

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Current Weather

Definition: N/A

Explanation: the weather that was occurring at the time of the picture being taken.

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Carbon Cycle

Definition: the continuous process by which carbon dioxide is exchanged between the environment and organisms.

Explanation: Aryan and Josh breathes out CO2, both our car and school emit CO2 by putting it into the atmosphere through its functions maybe a school kitchen and a car's functioning tires and also trees and plants which absorb and release CO2. Trees are producers that absorb the CO2 to make carbohydrates. Animals feed off the plants, thus allowing the carbon dioxide to once again enter the atmosphere

Water Cycle

Definition: the processes by which water travels through the oceans, atmosphere, and land.

Explanation: the clouds show that the water vapor in the air gets cold and forms clouds, the plant that contains droplets of water shows precipitation as water has condensed and cannot be held in the air. Collection is a good example of the water reaching the land as it soaks into the earth's surface and is ground water which may help plants or animals. And the process starts all over again.

Nitrogen cycle

Definition: the process by which nitrogen is interconverted in organisms and the environment.

Explanation: nitrogen is used to make proteins and 78% of the atmosphere is nitrogen, the soil is nitrogen-fixing bacteria which releases nitrogen into the atmosphere and the bagel represents a dead plant/animal matter that is decomposing and its decaying matter is converted to other nitrogen, assimilated by plants, becoming excess nitrogen leading into the atmosphere.

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Phosphorous cycle

Definition: the processes by which phosphorous travels through the biosphere

Explanation: Phosphorus enters the biosphere almost entirely from the soil through absorption by plant roots. The soil releases organically-bound nutrients to plants through mineralization and in the cycle. This releases phosphorous into the soil which came down as water phosphates originally from the rain.

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Definition: a type of symbiosis of two species together where both organisms benefit

Explanation: Wiley is the smart guy while Kevin is the funny guy. Wiley can help Kevin understand school concepts better and get good grades while Kevin can help Wiley learn how to make jokes and be the funny guy he is!

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Definition: another type of symbiosis where only one species benefits but the other is harmed.

Explanation: the highlighter is able to benefit my grades by allowing me to highlight pieces of text and remember information but the highlighter is harmed as it loses its color, or lead after multiple times of use.

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Definition: also a type of symbiosis but where one species benefits and the other is not harmed nor helped.

Explanation: the organism is safely allowed to protect himself from rain and the hoodie does not become overused or hurt by the rain due to its fabric and material condition.

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