How to stay safe online

10 easy steps to staying safe online

1.Think before you post pictures, videos or comments online because once you post it everyone will be able to re-save it and post it again. So make sure you want everyone will see it.

2. don't let people pressure you into posting something you don't want to. You are the boss of what you post.

3. If you are being bullied online then immediately tell an adult. it could be anyone you trust e.g teacher, parent, grandparent ect.

4. Be a responsible person when using the internet

5. use passwords on sites and don't share them

6. if unknown people keep sending you nasty emails the tell an adult immediately

7. do not use your real name. you should always use a nickname online, so people do not know your real name.

8. make sure you turn on Privicy Settings

9. be respectful of others and don't be that bully

10. if you see cyberbulling tell someone

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