Do you need love?

Does love lead into a joyful life?

Who am I?

Hey there! My name is Ana Saenz and I'm 16 years old and I go to a public school in Kansas City KS. I came up with this question if we (the people) actually need love to live a joyful, happy and successful life. I did a lot of research to find some answers but in all there is not a right or wrong answer to my question because we all have our own way of coping with our feelings and some really do not need love to live a happy life.


I created a survey for my english class so could get some of their thoughts on my subject that I am researching. I asked a series of questions and all the answerers were anonymous. Looking back on the research I did it seems like a lot of people do not need love to live a happy life or a joyful life either some thought that there is over ways to find happiness outside of love. Heres the link to my survey if you want to take it!

What is Love?

Love does not really have an exact answer to what it is, You can have love towards someone or something but in my eyes love is when you can look at someone or something and say "Man, this is what I truly love no matter what". Lets say you have a pet (I know we have strong love for our animals) their like our best-friends right? and you'll love them no matter what because they're just so precious, you have that automatic unconditional love for them. Love isn't that you'll do anything for that person or thing, its that you'll want the best for someone or something and you're going to try your hardest to accomplish that because knowing that their truly and genuinely happy makes you happy, that is what love is.

Do you need love?

You do not need love to live a happy life. This question will never really have a answer thats the right answer, many people do many differnt types of things that make them the happiest person alive and you might not even notice that it is love that you're feeling but it is! And you might have had no idea, the funny thing in life is that you just never know how much something means to you until its there forever or its about to leave or when its going to show its self. Keep in mind you might love things and you serious have no idea you do.