JHCS Quill

January 31, 2022

Living Above The Line

As a foundation for communication and personal interaction, living above the line highlights one of the 8 Keys of Excellence: Ownership - take responsibility for actions. At JHCS students learn there are two ways to live: above the line and below the line.

Living below the line is about laying blame, justifying, denying, and quitting - NOT who we want to be, and not a path to a life of excellence. Living above the line gives us freedom, power, and choice. It's about taking responsibility for our actions. Those who live above the line take responsibility for their education, relationships, and attitudes, affecting all areas of their lives.

John Hancock Is Growing!

We are happy to announce that John Hancock will be able to offer our educational model to more students.

JHCS will be opening a second campus in the fall of 2023 in Eagle Mountain. We will continue to serve our Pleasant Grove students/families at our current location.

Our new campus will have the same small school feel by providing multiple small schools within a larger building. Each "school" will be modeled after our Pleasant Grove campus.

This is exciting news and we will update you throughout the next 18 months as we reach milestones. In the meantime, spread the word about our amazing school to family and friends that may be in the Eagle Mountain/ Saratoga Springs area. They will want to sign up for the lottery as soon as it becomes available this fall.

JHCS Music Concert - Save the Date

We are looking forward to our music concert on Friday, Feb. 25th.

  • 6pm to 7pm
  • Pleasant Grove Jr. High School Auditorium
  • Students need to wear their best-looking school uniform. Please - no shorts.

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John Hancock Charter School

Tell family, neighbors, and friends to get on the lottery before Feb. 15th.