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Use Green Stationery to Save Money and Protect Environment from CO2 Emission

In the UK, we find an increasing number of organisations embracing green technology and eco-friendly products. Eco office is the latest trend worldwide. The importance of going green cannot be undervalued particularly since the process helps to reduce the harmful effects of CO2 on all living beings on earth.

One of the frequently used and easiest ways of reducing carbon footprint is recycling. Recycling not only is better for the environment, it also saves money. Green stationery if used in the office can significantly cut down your everyday costs whilst making all your office waste ready for re-use over and again.

How to begin recycling all your office waste? You must get in touch with a company that is well-known for collecting and recycling office products. Global Office Supplies is a leading green office supplies company having a friendly team offering up to 5000 green products to choose from. You will get paper, envelope, labels, desktop accessories, and more in the general stationery category. Office furniture and interiors include chairs, tables, screens, bookcases, visitor seating, canteen furniture, and many more. There are also catering supplies, toners and printer supplies, corporate and promotional gifts, etc. available for use in your eco office.

The reason why more and more offices in the UK and in other parts of the world are opting for recycling is because of the fact that it helps to save our planet from further destruction. The process has a positive impact on the world and is good for all living beings. Recycling helps to minimise waste that would otherwise be thrown in the garbage bin. Companies are contacting Global Office Supplies for transforming rubbish into useful products. Recycling helps to reduce pollution caused by waste. The process does not emit harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses. Moreover, recycling reduces the number of trees to be cut down for manufacturing paper and furniture. In a sense, it helps to significantly reduce the effects caused by deforestation. Offices can save costs by recycling all used products since making products from raw materials costs much more than those made by recycling waste.

You don’t have to take the pain of collecting all waste to be recycled, as these will be done by the experienced team of Global Office Supplies. You just need to contact them with your requirements and they will instantly come to help you. In addition to collecting and recycling all waste paper, Global’s team also provides services such as free stationery audit, print management, same day delivery, promotional gifts, and more.

They will estimate the cost of all your frequently-used office products and then will quote you the best possible price. The print team will meet all your requirements be it a basic leaflet or a full-colour corporate brochure. Global Office Supplies use latest eco-friendly technologies for printing.

If you need an urgent delivery of green stationery on the same day, it will be easily done by the Global team. You just have to order before 2pm to get the product on the very same day!

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