Croatan Sound

by Kim Lucas

The Perfect Paradise You've Been Dreaming Of

Wanting a nice little get away? Come to the Croatan Sound in the outer banks of North Carolina. These little islands consist of breathe taking views of nature.

Many Adventures Await

See the beauty of the Croatan

Wanting a peaceful day by the water? Visit the Manns Harbor, Pasquotank River Basin, and Alligator River! Relax by the tranquil waters with an ice cold drink in your hand.

Seeking more of an adventure? Take a hike through one of our National Forest's! Experience nature as it comes alive right in front of you. Our Forest's consist of many creatures and plants. We have many unique plants such as the venus fly trap, sundew, and the butterwort. But don't just stop with the plants, keep an eye out for all the animals roaming around such as, the bald eagle, rattlesnakes, alligators, and even the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker!