By: Aluara Dawn

All About MakeMake

What is MakeMake?

MakeMake is a dwarf planet that lies in the Kuiper belt (KOB), which is a religion outside the orbit of Neptune. Named ate the god of fertility in Rapanui mythology (Rapanui natives live on Easter Island), MakeMake’s code name was Easter bunny. Discovered by s team led by Michael E. Brown, MakeMake is the second brightest object, and the third largest dwarf planet found in the KBO.

The distance from the sun? length of a year or day?

It takes roughly 310 earth years for MakeMake to make one revolution around the sun. The length of a day on MakeMake is 22.5 hours. The distance from MakeMake to the sun is 3,850,000,000m or 45.5 AU (a unit of length, the distance from the earth to the sun.)


There have not been any missions the MakeMake because of the simple fact it is to far away to make it there.

Temperature and Composition

The diameter of MakeMake is about 1,300-1,900km, so it is smaller than Pluto and Eris. Surprisingly, we have not seen, or found any moos orbiting MakeMake, unlike Pluto and Eris whom have two or more moons.

MakeMake has an extremely low temperature, around -240 degrees C. Because it is such a col planet, scientist are led to believe that it is covered in methane, ethane, and nitrogen ice.

3 distinguishing characteristics

  1. Its is a reddish brown coloration to it.
  2. It is the second brightest object in the KOB
  3. Third largest Dwarf planet founded so far.


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