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Web Design

Web Design

ID Studio is a successful web design company based in London, for many years we have been producing award winning websites that achieve great results for our clients. There are many techniques that make an award winning web design, outlined below are some of the areas that we believe you need to consider.

Planning, this is key to any successful Web Design, every detail and process must be covered ensuring that the end result has no design or usability issues. Wireframing is key to this process, taking the time to document the site layout and interaction is an extremely worthwhile activity, saving you time and money in the long-term.

One of the most important areas for any web design project is the development process, by this we mean the coding and development. Making sure that the development team are proficient at using the latest approved standards for HTML5 and CSS3.A poorly coded site can ruin any web design regardless of the aesthetic quality.

The design and layout of the website are important factors in determining the success with regards to usability of your site. Often web designs just concentrate on the looks, without giving appropriate consideration to the end-user. Websites that are confusing to use, disjointed with no familiarity tend to irritate people resulting in them leaving your site, not just loosing you a potential customer but also creating a negative impression that may be spread to others.

Navigation, unless all your information is contained on one page that fits nicely within the users’ screen, then they will need the ability to navigate effortlessly. During the wired-framing process, navigation needs to be studied and made as simple and intuitive as possible. During the web design development stage you need to make finding key information and website objectives as easy as possible to achieve. Studying your target market and demographics can often help decide on the route you should take.

Call to action triggers, how this works will depend on the type of business and how you want your website to work. These triggers need to be placed in obvious areas, for example, if you are selling products it would not be advisable to have ‘add to the cart’ hidden at the bottom of the page forcing the user to scroll down to find it. Sometimes, you need to make these triggers stand out, again, this can all be planned and prepared during the web design wireframing process.

How many times have you viewed a website that is let down by poor imagery? If you are going to be using images, make sure that they are relevant and compliment the web design. There are some great stock libraries that contain millions of images. Alternatively, any decent web agency such as ID Studio can source these images for you. Used correctly and in conjunction with a great web design, great visuals can transform a site into an award winner.

The above six points are just some of the areas you need to consider during the web design development stage. If you would like to chat with a top London agency about any of the above or online projects, please call ID Studio on +44 (0) 20 8948 5808, contact@netdreams.co.uk or visit www.netdreams.co.uk for more information about the services we offer.