The Hoop Exclusive!

Friday, September 10th

Dear Hooper Families,

Thank you all for a very successful week back at The Hoop!

Mrs. Szakal put together a tasteful virtual 9/11 Memorial Tribute for our students today. Please make sure to ask them about it. A big shout out to Evan Goodwin who played My Country, 'Tis of Thee.

We appreciate your patience regarding dismissal procedures. Things will get better and faster each and everyday. During arrival make sure to pull all the way up to the end of the sidewalk to allow for maximum cars to fill in behind you. For student safety please do not pass any cars while in our arrival line.

During dismissal please pull into our ferry lanes to pick up your child. Please do not park in the Hooper Lot, The Bennett Bubble or behind the playground area.

If your child normally rides the bus and you choose to pick them up. Please make sure to communicate with the main office so everyone is aware of the change. This will limit confusion during dismissal.

Below you will find The Hooper Avenue Student Handbook button along with The TRRS The Road Forward Handbook (English and Spanish). Please bookmark these documents as I am sure you will find them helpful throughout the school year.

All students will be required to wear a face covering upon entering the school or riding the school bus. If the weather is deemed to be excessive by the school district, masks will not need to be worn in non-air conditioned settings; however students will be required to transition back to masks when in air conditioned spaces. The district will communicate weeks of excessive heat with the community on the Friday before. We do have certain air conditioned spaces so please make sure your child brings a face covering even when the weather is excessive. If your child forgets a face covering one will be provided by our nursing staff. Wearing face covering will be optional: when outside, while eating, during mask breaks (indoors), and while exerting any physical effort during indoor activities.

We are looking forward to The Hooper Softball Game that will take place at High School East on Wednesday, September 15th @ pm the flyer is below.

Back to School Night is slated for Wednesday, September 22nd more info to come next week.

Scholastic Book Fair will run from Tuesday, September 22nd through Friday, September 25th. More info to come next week.

Lifetouch School Pictures will be on Thursday, September 24th and Friday, September 25th. More information will be forthcoming.

If you need anything please make sure to reach out to the Main Office (732-505-5850) or your child's teacher for assistance.

We will showing off on social media like everyone else in the near future please follow us on Instagram: hooperavenueelementary and Twitter: @HooperHuskies.

Have a fantastic summer-like weekend!


Jason Hughes- Principal

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Please review the student handbook with your child and sign off on the acknowledgement Form.


This will be used for placements, bus passes, and everything TR Schools related.


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STEM Girls

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Girls Scouts

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Hooper Ave PTO

Here is some info in case you would like to join or stay up to date with our PTO.