Jack the Ripper

By: Emilie Dimmick

Background Information

Jack the Ripper was a brutal killer. He killed 5 prostitutes and was said to have killed 6 more. No one knows his identity and why he killed them. He would send letters taunting the police saying that he could get away with murdering.
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There are many people that believe that he did the right thing. They think that prostitutes should not be alive and that women should not degrade themselves. Other people think that you should never justify murder.
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Female Criticism

The reason why it is Female Criticism is because the only people he killed was female prostitutes. He said in a letter that this was the only way that he could get a girl. He even cut out two of the prostitutes's uteruses.
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My Biase

I think that what he did was awful. Nobody should justify why he killed those women. they might have had no way of living except that. Killing women because he couldn't get one is terrible.