March 16 READ News

Updates and Supports for Educators

In this edition, you will find information regarding:

  • Two purposes for upcoming READ Plan Conferences
  • Retention Guidelines
  • READ Plan Exit Criteria
  • Technical Information/Enrich
  • Dates and Deadlines

READ Plan Conferences

Purposes for the April 6 READ Plan Conferences

There are two main purposes for the April 6 READ Plan Conference:

  • To meet with parents to co-write a READ Plan for students going on a READ Plan for the first time;
  • To meet with parents of students on READ Plans to discuss options which include: 1. Tutoring as provided by schools; 2. Intervention; 3. Summer Fifth Block; 4. Retention (not recommended for most students).

Retention Conversations and Guidelines

Here is an excerpt from the revised READ ACT parent brochure regarding the retention portion of the READ Plan conference:

Each student with a READ Plan will have an end of year conference to review the plan and work together to plan for the next year.

During the conference, your child’s teacher will share options that connect to your child’s specific needs.

Some children may need more than one year to catch up. The law states that retention may be an option, but there are many other interventions and supports available. Research shows that repeating a grade level may not be the best solution in most cases.

For English Language Learners (ELLs): Appropriate instructional strategies for both language and literacy learning are determined with support from a teacher who specializes in English language learning. Colorado state law does not recommend retention for students who are on track in developing English as their second or other language.

Fourth Grade Teachers

Fourth graders on a READ Plan should still have a family conference, but a retention conversation is not applicable per state law. If a parent requests retention, please refer to the APS RTI handbook for guidelines on this process.
If you need to facilitate this learning at your site, please feel free to use this slideshow with your staff.

READ Plan Exit Criteria

There is a process for exiting a student from a READ Plan that includes a Multi-Tiered System of Supports Team (MTSS) to consider all components of reading (reading, writing, word study, oral language) and both assessments (DRA2 and PALs) in order to exit a student from the READ Plan.



The information below will be updated within this newsletter and the READ website as more resources become available:

ELL Specific Conferences:

To Share with Families: The documents below have been translated into the APS top languages. All items are available on the APS READ Plan Website (scroll to the bottom of the page)

Contact Print Services to complete a work order for translations needed.

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For questions, contact Print Services Ext. 28282 or Shelia Siegert Ext. 28358.

Technical Information/Enrich

PALS Information

Important upcoming deadlines:

  • April 6th Family Read Plan Conferences
  • May 8th-Data MUST be entered into Enrich for state reporting K-3 must be DRA-2, 4th grade-must be DRA-2 if they're on a READ Plan, BAS if they aren't on a READ Plan, 5th grade-DRA-2 or BAS

District READ Plan Team

A Division of Equity in Learning partnership:
  • Elementary Literacy
  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)
  • Accountability & Research
  • Exceptional Student Services
  • English Language Acquisition

For support, please contact: