Project 7

The Digital Portfolio

Instructor Information

Instructor Name Linda Wapelhorst

Course Name Instructional Technology

Course Number ED222

Curriculum Framing Questions

Essential Question:

  • What is a digital portfolio?

Unit/Content Question:
  • How can students create a unique digital portfolio?
  • How can students use an online blog to house a digital portfolio?
  • How can students use a digital portfolio to demonstrate growth?

Unit Summary

This final activity will allow pre-service teachers to develop a digital portfolio of their ED 222 projects. Students will use Canvas to create the e-portfolio for the ED 222 course.

Subjects Area(s)

Education and Technology

Grade Level

Pre-Service Teachers/Post Secondary Education

Lesson Objectives:

  1. Develop a digital portfolio using Canvas.
  2. Share digital portfolio with ED 222 class.


1. Develop and add to the digital portfolio following the procedures listed in the weekly Module Assignment pages.

2. Add a reflection to each page developed. If the reflection was added at the time of the project, review the reflection for any necessary changes/updates.

  • The reflection is a very important element of the portfolio and its importance must not be overlooked. Think of your reflection as your "closing argument" or rationale for why you Project believe the artifacts included in your portfolio are clear evidence of your achievement of learning. Each project should include a reflection that includes the following information:
  1. What did you learn (skills and knowledge) from the project, event, or assignment?
  2. How are you able to apply what you discovered and learned to other areas of your life?
  3. What was your favorite aspect of this project, event, or assignment?
  4. If you could do it over again, would you and what would you do or change?

******Reflections that do not answer these questions will earn no points.

  • Be sure to check and double check your portfolio for spelling and grammar errors. It helps to read your pages aloud. Some errors cannot be checked with the spelling and grammar checks. Review my comments for each of your pages. If I took off points or made suggestions be sure to address these comments.

3. Refer to the Project 7 Portfolio Grading Rubric to assess your project before submission.

4. Submit the address to your final portfolio to the Project 7 dropbox. You will submit the link at various times throughout the semester also.

Optional: If you are also enrolled in ED 206, Introduction to Teaching, you may develop one digital portfolio that combines all of the requirements for both classes. I highly recommend this!! (You may also include any materials from other classes that are relevant to your future teaching profession.)

Approximate Time Needed

Time depends upon the student.

Prerequisite Skills

Typing skills, computer skills, closely following directions.


Use of computer with internet access (at home, at work, or at school)

Internet Resources

Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction

  • Special Needs Student: Extended work time, personnel support from the Special Needs Department

  • Non-Native Speaker: Internet sites in the native language, tutoring outside the classroom.

  • Honors Students: This class does not have an honors option.

Student Assessment

Assessment will occur through evaluation of the following:

  • Completed digital portfolio with links to project submissions from the ED222 course.