Amazing Aids

By Joel and Hayden

Basic Virus facts

Most viruses have 3 basic parts, protein coat, DNA or RNA, and an enzyme. They attach to a cell and inject there genetic material. The material takes over the cell and makes new viruses inside it. The newly formed viruses, bursts out to infect other cells. They are smaller than other cells such as animal or bacterial cells. They are not original cells because they can't move or reproduce on its own. They have no cellular structures and don't undergo respiration.

About Aids

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is the long name for aids. Symptoms include pain in abdomen, white tongue, genital swelling, night sweats, diarrhea, and more. It spreads through sexual intercourse, and is contagious. It's fatal and reported cases amount to 200,000- 3,000,000 a year! If infected, go see a doctor for treatment, no self treatment. Specialists to see include primary care providers, clinical psychologists, and infectious disease doctors. To prevent the spread, use protection, condoms, while having intercourse or any sexual contact.