Mrs. Friedman's Flyer

January 15, 2016

News and Announcements


  • January 18th: No School
  • January 21st: Scholastics due online: Code P8RC8
  • January 28th: Techzel orders due

Fun Facts

  • The mother eagle has laid 2 eggs! They will hatch sometime around Valentine's Day.
  • Please click here to see one of our class's favorite videos about kindness. Here you will see how people pass along acts of kindness, and the kindness manages to boomerang back to the person who set it into motion.
  • Please check your students folder next week for your individual code and instructions on how to sign into our new SeeSaw account. SeeSaw is a private, individual learning portfolio that your student will help to create and maintain. Here you will be able to see your child's learning in many forms!
  • Do you feel like you've missed something from a previous newsletter? I have all of my newsletters up on my eBoard.



We are finishing Fundations Unit 4. In this unit, students have worked on recognizing and building words with the bonus letters -ff, -ll, -ss, and -zz. You may have noticed students marking up their words by putting a star over the second bonus letter. Students practiced word work in fun ways! Students create words using dry erase boards and magnetic alphabet letters. Students are still carrying these skills into other areas of study, and they love to point out when they see bonus letters during writer's workshop and reading!

Reader's Workshop

First graders have been becoming better readers by identifying sequence of events and text features in both fiction and nonfiction texts. We had fun comparing characters in different gingerbread stories. We explored setting further by pretending we were in the snow globe story or that we were a snowman at night, just like the characters in the stories!

Math Workshop

The mathematicians in our class have practiced reading thermometers. Thy have also compared measuring their own personal foot to the standard foot, and they measured with rulers and tape measures. Students have explored place value by using base ten blocks. Please see below as students enjoy math centers!

Writer's Workshop

Writers continue to work on nonfiction chapter books. They have studied mentor authors to see how other writers present informational pieces, especially focusing on the beginning and ending. Students have created a table of contents to organize their information. Students have also created how-to chapters within their books. They are so proud to need to add page numbers and use the stapler to put their story all together! Most recently, students worked together to edit their writing to make it easier for readers to read.

Social Studies

First graders are learning about the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. These are good character traits which our school recognizes and promotes. We have learned about the first habit: be proactive. We also watched video clips, read books, and discussed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I was amazed by how well the students understood his goals and were touched by what he did. Next week you will see what your students want to do to change the world!