Ruby Reds Trunk Show BLITZ

We're giving away 10 PAIR of Tory Burch Flip Flops!

Book & Hold Any $300 Trunk Show Before May 15th and YOU ARE ENTERED TO WIN!

Yes....that's right! It's an ALL RUBY REDS TEAM TRUNK SHOW BLITZ! I've teamed up with YOUR fabulous leaders....and we're giving away 10 pair of Tory Burch Flip Flops!
Just in time for summer!

Here's how YOU can get in on the fun!

Any trunk show you book and hold between May 1st - May 15th with $300 of sales COUNTS for one entry! It's really that simple! If it's already in the system...lucky you! You're a step ahead. If you are sitting at ZERO shows....this is all the motivation you need to book in tight over the next two weeks! It's double GLAM there is plenty of time to earn whatever level you have your sights set on!

Be sure to post success stories and booking ideas on our all team page! AND...I'll be posting a few scripts you can use to book in tight over the next few weeks!

Log onto our all team page:

YES. YOU. CAN. You can do it! I believe in you!

Quick Booking Script

Hi Jane,
"How are you friend? I hope you are loving your new serenity stone earrings...pretty fabulous and just in time for summer! I know you had your eye on several other things and I'd love to get them for you for free! I know it's quick...but I have a couple trunk show openings next few weeks. I'm sure you're week? That's CRAZY! But here's the deal....I've found that the best trunk shows are booked and held in one week. People are either busy or not...and most of us know what we have going on in the next week more so than in 3 weeks. And when you invite your friends just a few days seems very impromptu and low pressure. Why not treat your girlfriends to a night out before summer starts? I'll bring the wine and the invite a few friends. Does Thursday the 9th work or Wednesday the 15th work?"

Your Tory Burch Loving Leaders....

Thanks to these fabulous ladies for all donating a pair of Tory Burch Flip Flops for their downlines! Yes......10 pair for each down line! HOLLA!

Angie Clifton
Brandi Browning
Andrea Seeman
Brigid Reisch
Ashley Jones
Kristy Pauly
Laine Vitosh
Anne Walton
Tara Renze
Catherine Powell

CHEERS TO YOU! Book Away Baby!

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