Eating Disorders

By: Ryan Albino

Preventing Eating Disorders

It's better to learn about things like this ahead of time so you can have knowledge about how to prevent it. Try to stay away from things that could make you depressed and try not to develop poor eating habits. Live a healthy lifestyle and stay active. Never feel like you should change yourself for anyone. Always stay confident about who you are.

Treat People The Way You Want To Be Treated

People shouldn't be judged on the way they look because you never know what they could be going through in life. Words hurt sometimes, you may not think so but it does. People should be judged on their attitude, way they look at life and how they treat others. Being able to cope with adversity in life even through the toughest times can really bring out the best in someone and show how strong-willed they are.

"Bad" Foods

Yes, there are bad foods out there that can get addictive but it doesn't mean you avoid anything you believe is bad because most of the time you don't want to eat and afraid your going to gain weight if you do. That's wrong, just don't overdo it. You can have some of them sweets you love but just be mindful of how much you eat. Don't over exaggerate what you should or shouldn't eat.
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Images 1 & 2

Seeing these images should make you wanna go ahead and learn about eating disorders. The top picture shows a woman who loves to eat and is consuming a large amount of unhealthy food and gaining extra weight. The bottom pic shows a man who is abnormally skinny because he has not eaten. For all we know he could be scared to gain weight. Both of these pictures show a condition where the person either feels unconfident of themselves or has personal problems. You should make sure to eat healthy and stay confident.

Being a Role Model

I can help others avoid eating disorders by letting them know what it is and the causes of them. Also probably show them a few pictures and i know after that they will listen and not want to become part of anything dealing with eating disorders. I would give them advice and food choices and how to stay active.