Being Blind

it's awful......

well your probably wondering how i lost my sight

well as you get older you start losing your sight or your hearing well i just happen to lose my sight at a young age too ugh its awful.

well let me tell you my story

one day i woke up with a terribly headache and i mean terribly when i tried to open up my eyes but they were already open well that's what my parents told me so my parents took me to the hospital.
they examend my eyes did a few test they told my parents that something was damaged probably from sitting so close to the computer and tv all the time i think some thing called computer vision syndrome yea that!
it made my cornea go foggy which made me blind so pretty much my life sucks i have to use a whacking stick to hear were i am going so so SO lovely and i still have my ability to hear thank goodness and some times i hit people with it when i don't mean to ugh i feel awful about it well just just think about it.
at school people see me walking around and some times they shove me around or call me weird names but most of them treat me like i'm some one that can actually see they look at me and don't look at the ground ignoring me the only way i know is i can sense it.
Drown (Lyrics)- Tyler Joseph
i'm blessed to have a great family great friends i can trust i know i wont get a drivers license i know the people i meet along my life time will be hopefully nice sweet kind and loving wont be rude to me call me bad name say rude things about me carry rumors and more i know my family and friends will help me if i need it.
i don't have any thing special phones tablets nothing super special just a normal phone the way i have to read is in brail you know the little bumps that's how i read i love to read its one of my favorite things to read and like playing music.
well i think i told you every thing i told you about my life any time you see some one that has white eyes or deaf or both i bet they would appreciate it please help them out it would make you fell good and it would make others around you respect you thanks for listening have a good day!<3