The Closet In The Clouds

A Style For Every Story

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  • Location: 1548 Fashion Street, Buffalo, New York
  • Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 9am-7pm

Friday and Saturday: 9am-9pm

Sunday: Closed

All Dresses On Sale!

Dresses is an fashion statement that women love to wear on hot summer days. Dresses could be a knee high dress or it could be a long dress. The dress could be any color that you could like. Closet In The Clouds might have a color that you may like, so just go to an employee and they will help you get it order to be shipped to your house. When you put on the dress is should be the story you want to tell everybody about yourself.

  • Dresses Are All 25% Off Orginal Price

Shoes Are In Stock

All of the shoes are all in stock and are ready to be bought and worn. The shoes in Closet In The Clouds are all different kinds. You could see sneakers in one aisle and the next could have sandals/flats and flip-flops. Then the next aisle would have boots and heels. There is a wide variety that you could pick from. Come to Closet In The Clouds and find you shoe for the right price.

  • Sneaker: $35.00
  • Sandal: $15.00
  • Flats: $10.00
  • Flip-Flop: $7.00
  • Boot: $25.00
  • Heels: $20.00

Is The Sun In Your Eyes? Well We Have A Solution. SUNGLASSES!!!

The sun is always in your eyes when you are outside. There is always a solution to the problem. Closet In The Clouds will love to supply your eyes from the sun with sunglasses. Come to the store and see all of the different variety of sunglasses to fit your story.

  • All Sunglasses $6.00

In Need Beauty Products?

Closet In The Clouds has plenty of beauty products for you. We have nail polish to perfume to anything make-up. Nail polish would be great for any party to you have to go to. Perfume is great to make you smell amazing! Then if you need to make your face more beautiful try out our make-up.

"Our mission is for women whose heads are in the clouds, to help them find their own style."
The Closet In The Clouds is located in Buffalo, New York, is a rising company wants to give women options when choosing their style, it allows them to find their own story.