Grade Four Newsletter

SJI International Elementary School, Singapore

Easter Term - Week 3 Mon 25th Jan - Fri 29th Jan

Language Arts

The Grade 4 students have continued to show their excellence as they compose the information report on Coconut Crabs. Insightful and interesting writing has been occurring across the entire Grade 4 level.

The students have learnt how to write an engaging introduction, an informative main body of text and a conclusion that summarises the entire information report.

Using their editing and revision skills, students will self assess their work and redraft.

Students will then begin a new piece of writing on our IPC unit topic 'The Human Body'. Using the knowledge they have gained in the unit so far, they will use this to plan and compose another information report.

In reading, the students have continued to use the guided reading sessions as tool to improve their expression and fluency when reading aloud. These sessions also allow students to develop their comprehension skills, as they gain an understanding of what they are reading.

The students in Grade 4 love to read and the passion for reading has been quite wonderful to see. We continue to encourage all Grade 4 students to select an appropriate book to read every night at home.


In Maths this week, the children have been using the knowledge and skills they have learned so far in the unit about rectangles and squares, to extend and make links with finding the perimeter and area of such figures.

They then progressed onto finding the length and/or breadth of a figure, having been given the area and/or perimeter.

The week ended with the children applying all of this knowledge to find the perimeter of composite figures; a combination of two or more squares and rectangles.

Tricky concepts to grasp, but the children have done brilliantly by using their diligence and determination.

Next week, our unit ends, with the children finding the area of composite figures.


In our IPC studies this week, we have been learning all about the human skeleton and the variety of joints within it.

The 4 primary functions of the skeleton were learned and their purposes discussed and embedded. We then progressed onto the joints, learning the various types and functions within the human skeleton. Fascinating knowledge that will be used to extend the skills and understanding in the coming weeks.

We finished the week off with a fun yet challenging activity where the children, in groups, were challenged to make a newspaper model of the human skeleton. This allowed the children to show their learning in a practical, interactive and creative way.

Next week, we progress onto learning about muscles and in particular the heart.

Home Learning - Easter Term Week 4

Please seek permission from your parents or caregiver at home, before attempting to access any given websites shown.

Language Arts


For the next two weeks, we will be focussing on the spelling of words containing the letter strings -ear, -ight and -ough.

Its is important that children know that spelling a word as it sounds is not always a reliable strategy. Understanding common letter patterns and the most likely phonemes (sounds) for the pattern will help with spelling.

This week in particular we will be concentrating on -ear.

The letter string -ear can have different pronunciations

e.g. ear as in beard, er as in earth, air as in pear, ar an is heart.

Words to be learnt this week;

pears, bearing, year, learn, heartwarming, hearth, gear, clear

Extension words:

appearance, earthlings, kindhearted, pearls, learner


Read a 'Just Right' book for 20 minutes or more each evening. Share and discuss with family members what you have read. Practice reading aloud in front of your family members using clear projection, fluency and expression.



Mon: Shaping Maths Activity Book 4a Part 2 P47-50

Tue: Shaping Maths Activity Book 4a Part 2 P51-52

Wed: Shaping Maths Activity Book 4a Part 2 P53-54

Thu: Shaping Maths Activity Book 4a Part 2 P55-56 'Lets Find Out'


Children to reflect on their 'Researching Facts about Being Human' project completed last week. Their new task will be handed out after Chinese New Year.



To be tolerant is to accept difference.

You don't expect others to think, look, speak or act just like you.

Tolerance is being free of prejudice, knowing that all people have feelings, needs, hopes and dreams.

To be tolerant also means to accept things you wish were different with flexibility and patience.


8-12 Feb - Chinese New Year - School Closed

Mon 15 Feb - Block 2 ECAs commence

Mon 15 Feb - ACSIS Season 3 try-out week

Mon 15 Feb - Kindness week

Fri 19 Feb - Celebration of Learning through books at home

Fri 19 Feb - Chinese New Year dress-up day

Fri 19 Feb - Chinese New Year celebration dinner

Sat 20 Feb - Friends of Jesus camp

Tue 23 Feb - 4ABo & 4SDa - Oasis Holistic Field Trip

Wed 24 Feb - 4JKa - Oasis Holistic Field Trip

Thu 25 Feb - Global Family Day Parade

Fri 26 Feb - 4ABa - Oasis Holistic Field Trip


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