McClain's March ELA Newsletter

"Nothing will work unless you do."- Maya Angelou

What We're Learning

Argumentative Writing

This month we will begin our work with argumentative writing. This process will be exciting and new to most students. We will begin looking at what goes into an argumentative essay, and we will begin drafting a full argumentative essay.

Figurative Language

We will continue working on figurative language throughout this month. Students will be assessed periodically on different types of figurative language, word meanings, and context clues. We will, also, be assessing the difference between connotative, denotative, figurative, technical, and literal word meanings. All students should have a basic grasp on these concepts from last month, but this month we will continue building on our knowledge of these topics.

Main Idea/Central Idea

Throughout this month, we will be continuing our learning of central and/or main idea. We will be looking at passages and be determining the main idea of the passage.

Independent Reading

First and foremost, thank you to all the parents who helped out with our book blogs over the last week. You all have done such a great job responding to the students, and the students were so excited to see your comments.

This month, our next independent reading book should be completely read by March 18th. I will be creating something new and fun for the students to do with their latest reading.


Over the past week, I have been sending home homework with the students. The homework will not be a daily thing, but my goal is to send it home a couple times a week. I am hoping that, while at home, these short assignments will get their brains thinking about the things we're doing in class, and it will, also, give the parents an opportunity to see what test questions may look like in upcoming assessments. Please feel free to help/guide students on these assignments, as they are working at home. If you have any questions about the work, please feel free to contact me.


The next grade cut-off will be April 7th. Please make sure all make-up work is completed by that time.

Dates to Remember

March 17th- St. Patrick's Day

March 30th- April 3rd- Spring Break

May 20th- Last Day of School