Return 2 Learn FAQ

Updated July 30, 2020

Savannah R3 district staff and administration have spent countless hours over the last few weeks considering what school will look like in the fall. Currently, all of our efforts are focused on a return to school plan. We take great pride in creating meaningful learning opportunities for every student in our district while also making sure we maintain a safe learning environment.

Please keep in mind that this is an ever-evolving situation and despite our diligent planning, nothing is set in stone.

SR3 is continually working on plans for our students in the fall. Parents and Guardians can expect weekly communication via email and the district website from now until school starts. The district will be holding community meetings on July 28th at Savannah Middle School and August 3rd at Savannah High School.

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What is the plan for reopening Savannah R3 schools for the 2020-21 school year? Will my child physically return to his/her assigned school this fall?

SR3 is planning for in-person school in the fall with extensive safety precautions in place.

If you are concerned about your child’s safety, you will have the option to enroll your child in Savannah R3's Virtual Learning Program.

Both in-person classes AND virtual learning classes will start on August 24 and will have full grade-level designed work with timely feedback from teachers. Virtual Learners will be expected to spend multiple hours working in the program during the school day to meet the academic requirements set forth by the state and district so that the work they are doing is comparable to those in the regular classroom.

Please note that a parent or guardian can declare their student a VIRTUAL learner once each semester. If a decision is made to change a student's status to IN-PERSON learning, he/she cannot go back to VIRTUAL without medical documentation.

As we continue to receive feedback from our staff and parents, we will update and release more information regarding the distance learning plan.

2020-21 SR3 Educational Enrollment Form

The 20-21 Educational Enrollment Form will be available from now until July 31st.

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In-Person Learner Option

Will the SR3 2020-2021 academic calendar be followed? Will there be extended breaks?

At this time, there is no plan to deviate from the Board approved 2020-21 academic calendar found HERE on the district website.

When is the first day of school?

School will begin on Monday, August 24th.

Will In-Person Learners be required to wear masks?

In an effort to keep our campuses open and create the healthiest environment possible we are implementing the following:

Early Learning Center & Elementary Students ~ masks will not be required.

SMS & SHS Students ~ masks will be required in the hallway and during group work that requires students to be in close contact.

All students will be required to wear a mask on the school bus.

Please keep in mind that guidance regarding masks is constantly changing. SR3 district administration will be working very closely with the Andrew County Health Department on this matter.

What about staff, will they be required to wear masks?

All Savannah R3 staff members will be required to wear their district provided face shield. Additional masks may be worn at their discretion.

Will temperatures be taken every day when staff and students enter the building?

Guidance on temperature checks and symptom monitoring will be released by the district nursing staff. This information will be updated once available.

Virtual Learner Option

What if I don't feel safe sending my student to school on an SR3 campus?

The SR3 Virtual Learning Option is available for families who wish to keep their children at home. This is a 100% online curriculum for students in grades K-12. The Early Learning Center will only be offering in-person preschool.

The Virtual Learning curriculum will align with Missouri Learning Standards, just as our in-person curriculum does. Similarly, it will follow a Monday - Friday schedule and will be monitored by district teaching staff.

What is required to accommodate for Virtual Learning?

Students or families who choose the virtual learning path will need reliable internet and a district-approved device such as a district-issued SR3 Chromebook, laptop, desktop computer, iPad, or Macbook for completing school work.

Currently, the district provides take-home Chromebooks for all students in 6th - 12th grades who have signed a Chromebook agreement and paid the yearly technology insurance.

ALL SR3 students who chose the virtual learning path will have the opportunity to check out a district-provided device. More information on this check out process will be sent to families as soon as it has been finalized.

What will a typical day look like for Virtual Learners?

There will be a mix of dedicated class time and independent work time. Schedules may vary depending on the course.

Student workload at the K-5 level will be approximately 4-6 hours per day, while student workload at the 6-12 level will be approximately 5-7 hours per day. The amount of time spent working will vary by student.

How will attendance be tracked?

Attendance in a virtual setting is governed by the Missouri Departement of Elementary and Secondary Education, DESE. The district will follow their guidelines.

Are Virtual Learners eligible for extracurricular activities?

No, virtual learners are currently not eligible for any extracurricular activities.

When will SR3 families be required to make a choice between In-Person Learning and Virtual Learning Paths?

Families are asked to make their decision and submit it by July 31, 2020. Families who fail to declare a preference will be enrolled in In-Person Learning.

These declarations are made on a student by student basis, not per family.

Does a decision to go in-person OR virtual affect school funding?

No, the Missouri Department of Education (DESE) is making allowances for the district to count Virtual Learners towards our attendance-based funding, just like our in-person learners do.

What if I choose a learning path for my student and circumstances change, can we change our learning path?

K-12 students are allowed to declare virtual learner status once during each semester to avoid numerous transitions between virtual and in-person learning. This requirement allows consistency for our learners.

Secondary (6-12) students are committed to virtual learning courses for the semester. Even in the event that their learning status would change to in-person, the students would simply return to school and complete the online courses under supervision. The Edgenuity © Courseware courses must be completed in their entirety (semester-length) in order for the student to receive credit.

Will Virtual Students get school pictures taken?

Yes, once the dates and times have been set for virtual school pictures virtual parents will be notified.

More guidance on Virtual Learning can be found in the Virtual Learning Handbook.

Other Health and Safety Precautions

What safety precautions are being taken on the bus?

2020-21 Transportation Guidelines:

  • Busses will be cleaned and disinfected after all morning and afternoon routes

  • Bus routes will run as usual

  • Masks will be required for drivers and bus monitors in close proximity to students

  • Students will be required to wear a mask on the bus, with no exceptions

  • Buses will have hand sanitizer for students to use as the load and unload the bus

  • Bus Registration MUST be completed by July 31, 2020, for every student wishing to ride the bus

    • Registration forms can be found here or on the district website.

    • If you require assistance in filling out this online form please contact your school or the bus company (816) 324-1400

    • Computers will also be available at the community meeting on July 28th at SMS.

What additional cleaning measures are being taken to keep my child safe?

Hand sanitizing stations will be located at the entrances to all of our buildings, as well as in each classroom. Additionally, cleaning kits will be given to each teacher for sanitizing workspaces throughout the day.

Our district custodial team will continue to clean and sanitize classrooms daily with hospital-grade, COVID approved disinfectants and restrooms will be cleaned every two hours.

More Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of changes can we expect for Breakfast and Lunch?

Breakfast options will be limited to Grab and Go friendly meals district wide.

District Administrators are still working with our Food Service Director and their building food service department to finalize the plan that best suits their campus.

A Note From our Food Service Director

What changes are being made to the pick up and drop off procedures?

Upon arrival, all students will proceed to their homeroom or first-hour class. A quick Grab and Go style breakfast will be available.

Any changes to dismissal procedures will be handled by each building administrator. Families can expect more guidance on this at their respective back to school night.

Will I be allowed to walk my student in on the first day of school?

Unfortunately not, no outside visitors will be allowed into the buildings this year in an overabundance of caution and safety.

What about Watch Dogs, Super Moms, and other parent volunteer groups?

For the health and safety of our staff and students, SR3 will not be allowing any outside visitors for the 2020-21 school year.

What is the plan for extracurricular activities?

We will continue to follow the guidelines of the Missouri State High School Activities Association regarding sports. At this time, most extracurricular activities will continue as long as physical distancing and other safety precautions are followed, but please consult your school for specific details.

What about recess?

Early Learning Center and Elementary students will still be allowed recess time. Students will be asked to wash their hands before and after recess breaks. Classes will remain together, with their cohorts, while outside. The use of playground equipment will be permitted so long as proper handwashing is taking place.

K-12 physical education classes will be held with similar precautions in place.

Will students be allowed to use water fountains on campus?

No. The SR3 district maintenance staff is working diligently to convert all drinking fountains to water bottle filling stations. Students will be permitted clear, reusable drinking bottles.

Will after school childcare be offered?

At this time, the district plans to proceed with School-Aged Childcare (SAC). However, Students will be required to wear masks.

Positive COVID cases and possible outbreaks

What is the protocol for a student exhibiting signs of COVID-19?

Students will be isolated in the nurses office and parents will be notified to pick up their child. SR3 will then take direction from the Andrew County Health Department. These directions might include closing off all potentially infected areas and sending the SR3 COVID-19 Response Team to disinfect and sanitize the area.

How will families be notified in the event of a positive COVID-19 case?

The SR3 administration and the Andrew County Health Department will work collaboratively on communication to notify school communities of the exposure and to provide guidance.

What is the protocol for a student who tests positive?

If a student is sent home due to a positive COVID-19 test, the Andrew County Health Department will work with district nurses to facilitate the return of the student. Students may not return to school if they are required to stay home for 14 days.

Communications & More Information

In order to stay up to date and ensure that you are receiving all SR3 official communications, it is vital that each family verify their information within the Tyler Student Information System. Contact information is pulled directly from Tyler when communications are sent to district families.