Physical Education Class

During Physical Education Class I must remember that:

- I come to class prepared with running shoes

- I follow instructions and steps for games/activities

- I pay attention to the game/activity and stay away from distractions

- I follow instructions about boundaries and safety

- I sit on the black circle and wait for instructions when I enter the gymnasium

- I remember not to slide to the circle or in a game/activity

-I take care of the equipment in gym class

- I don't wear jewellery to gym class

- I tie my hair back if I need to

-I make sure my shoe laces are tied safely and that my shoes are on properly

-I'm a team player and play fair in games/ activities

-I remember that at the end of the game/activity we share only positive experiences

-I remember that the score doesn't matter and that it's how you play the game/activity together that matters

- When class is over I line up on the red line and wait quietly and I do not bump into crash mats