Smith Middle School

By: Eda, Vanessa, and Iveth


1. Do NOT share a locker with no one!!

2. Do NOT keep food in your locker

3. Do NOT put any expensive stuff in your locker


1. You can Decorate your locker (;

2. you can put school supplies , books notebooks coat, umbrella much more in your locker

3. you can go to your locker in between classes


1. Don't lose your lock if you do you have to pay $5 (:

2. Don't bring your own lock.

3. if you forget your combination then just tell a teacher (better homeroom teacher)

4. Don't tell any one your lock combination

Hallway & Class Expectations


1. You have to know which hallway is yours.

2. Always walk on the right side.

3. Do NOT run in the hallway at all times.

4. Do NOT disturb people while you are in the hallway.

Class Expectations:

1. You have to know which class you are going to.

2. Always get to class on time.

3. Do NOT talk over the teacher.

4. Do NOT play around while class is on.

How we do business @ smith






Three PBIS expectations:

1. Positive

2. Respectful

3. Responsible

important people and places

1. principal- Mr.Homes (room 105) and Ms. Hahm (room 113)

2. Guidance office

3. Nurse


5. Break room

6. Home room

Tips for SUCCESS

1.You have to work really hard.

2. You have to be a good listener.

3. Always do what the teacher is asking.

4. You have to do your homework.

5. Always be on time. (:

6. Be where you need to go.