American Revolution Research

by: Chad Johnson

Boston Massacre

  • The Massacre started when young wigmaker's apprentice called out to a British officer on duty, that he had not paid his master's bill.
  • It is not certain that Paul Revere was present during the event, even though his engraved art of the event was used as the evidence in trial to establish the locations of the bodies
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Boston Tea Party

  • Although America’s revolutionary figure wrote that “the cause of Boston…ever will be considered as the cause of America,” he strongly disagreed with the colonists destroying the tea.
  • Three months after the Boston Tea Party,The people of Boston once again destroyed tea when 60 disguised men boarded a ship in March 1774 and dumped over 30 more crates of tea
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Declaration of Independence

  • The signers of the Declaration of Independence did not all sign on the same day.
  • Benjamin Franklin was 70 years old and the oldest to sign the Declaration of Independence
  • 1 out of 8 signers (7 in total) were educated at Harvard
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Clothing of the revolution

  • American Patriots wore a suit which consisted of a coat, waist coast, and breeches. They were called "ditto suits"
  • shirts often got very dirty throughout many battles and clean shirts were considered a luxury to some.
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Intolerable Acts

  • The Act put taxes and rules to everything the colonists did, so even though King George was hundreds of miles away he could control everything in the Colonies
  • The Intolerable Acts were properly know as the Coercive Acts.
  • These laws included: the Impartial Administration of Justice Act which allowed the royal government to move trials to other colonies or even to England.
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