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Texas Researchers

Letting Go...

What a fun and challenging week! Creating a 21st century learning classroom can be exciting and overwhelming all at the same time! Despite all the questions in my mind; I dove in head first on Monday afternoon by allowing myself to become a facilitator and guiding my students through the process of researching information in order to create a pamphlet.

Despite a few setbacks, we determined to move forward and after we pushed through, there was much celebration complete with cheers and dance! It was worth it all, as I listened to the joy in your children's voices! Excitement bubbled forth as they found websites and information on Texas symbols and facts. Most importantly, they became empowered and were transformed into researchers in their own right seeking and finding knowledge!

They explored the internet through a kid friendly search engine you may have heard of Kidrex.org and by directly going to web addresses I provided them.

Texas Researchers 3


We look forward to doing more research! One of our major setbacks in this activity is the lack of technology.

Please consider the following activities:

  1. Allowing your child to raise money by participating in our PTA sponsored Color Fun Run. You should have received a packet in your child's backpack today.
  2. Join our campus PTA if you have not done so yet.

Both of these activities will help raise money for new computers on our campus which will help create a more engaging and active learning environment!

P.S. Our class is in 2nd place in PTA memberships. Let's move up to 1st so we can win a popcorn party!

Texas Researchers

Aren't they just adorable!

Texas Researchers
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Thank you

I am truly grateful for all you do. You are the best!