The first day of summer school was a success!

Helpful Thoughts to Make the Rest of Summer School Run Smoothly:

  • Please be sure you print off a dismissal check list for each person dismissing students in your grade level. Please place your name and date at the top and turn this into the office after your students leave. This was such helpful information this evening as we were answering dismissal questions from parents at the end of the day. Thank you so much for your help with this!
  • When calling for the nurse, please state the student's name so she knows how to prepare to meet you. We are still working to hire a Stonegate nurse, so we will have different faces in the nurse's office until we find a full-time nurse.
  • Please keep your walkie talkie on anytime you are away from your classroom. Please let Tara know if you are off schedule or if you are taking one of the OPEN outside times.
  • Breakfast will not be delivered to you. That just did not work today. Instead, a revised schedule will be sent with times you can send students from your class to get Grab-n-Go. Once Pauline gives me the okay, I will send the schedule to you.
  • The building schedule is like a big puzzle. If fits together best when it is closely followed. Please be sure to be on time to your out of the classroom areas (lunch, specials, and outside time). This is also important for dismissal. Please be sure all students are ready to be at their dismissal locations as soon as they are called to exit. Let's see if we can beat our 30 minute dismissal time! Our goal is 15-20 minutes. :)
  • Daycare vans (VANS ONLY - NOT BUS 27 which has a BUNCH of daycare students on it) will be asked to dismiss with Panther Pride. Kena, can you meet them at the front door and walk students to the daycare vans? Let's encourage the daycare vans to park in the teacher parking lot for easy dismissal. Tara, can we get Kena a list of all daycare van riders so she can check them off the list as she places them on their van? Teachers, you can write DC for daycare after students dismiss from your classroom. Just be sure they know to go to the front of the building. K teachers, if you need help with a plan for this, please let me know.
  • When walking students to the bus, please walk with them to the bus door. Thanks for your help with keeping everyone safe and dismissing in a very organized way. This will help speed up our dismissal process as well.
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Thank you!

I sincerely thank you for your hard work, dedication and planning. I feel very blessed to share this experience with you!

Here's to a terrific day 2! Enjoy your evening!

Shawna Lopez