Beartooth Briefing

November 2022

Important Dates for your Calendar

Nov. 6: Daylight Savings (move clock back 1hr)

Nov. 7: Amazing Shake Round 4 - Top 6 Interviews

Nov. 8: Election Day

Nov. 11: Veterans Day

Nov. 14-18: Amazing Shake Round 5 - Top 4 KTVQ2

Nov. 14: PTA Meeting 6-7pm @ Beartooth Library

Nov. 15: Educator for a Day

Nov. 16: Monday & Moran Bowling

Nov. 17: End of Trimester 1

Nov. 22: House Meeting

Nov. 23-27: No School - Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 24: Happy Thanksgiving

Nov. 30: Report Cards go Home

Dec. 6: Hearing Re-Screen for K & 1

*Please note that we dismiss ONE HOUR EARLY every WEDNESDAY; 1:28pm for grades K-3 and 2:10pm for grades 4 & 5.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thank you to those that came to Conferences. It's an important time to review student progress and set a direction, together, for success. We had about 92% of our parents attend - this is an awesome commitment to children. Thank you! And thanks to those that completed our survey before leaving. Analyzing our surveys, 93.3% of our families agreed or strongly agreed with all statements about our school while 6.6% of our families had statements they disagreed with. Of those that marked they disagreed, the most frequent comment that 3% of parents disagreed with involved our school providing quality counseling or other ways to help students with their social & emotional needs. Another 2.4% believed we do not keep our parents well-informed of school activities and 1.8% of parents stated they were not well-informed of their child's progress and instructional materials did not reflect their child's culture, ethnicity or identity. I will specifically address each of these areas in a set of videos aimed at informing parents how we do those things. We realize it still may not be enough for everyone, but we feel it is important that our parents know we do aim to support these areas (sometimes daily).

School Counseling

School counselors are certified/licensed educators who improve student success for all students by implementing a proactive, comprehensive school counseling program. This includes individual student academic planning and goal setting, classroom lessons on student success standards, short-term counseling to students, referrals for long-term counseling support, and collaboration with families/teachers/administrators/communities for student success. School counselors do not provide therapy or long-term counseling in schools to address psychological disorders. When students require long-term counseling or therapy, school counselors make referrals to appropriate community resources and maintain collaborative relationships with providers to align service coordination (American School Counselor Association).

If you'd like to refer your student for school counseling support or for referral options for therapy/long-term counseling, feel free to reach out to Mrs. Stroup!

Foundations, Manners & Breathing Techniques

When school first starts, Mr. Niemeyer films videos that cover 3 manners per day the first 8 days of school (to go over all of our Bear24 Manners & Expectations). After that, he slows down and talks more in-depth about each one, covering one per day. Those videos can be found below. In addition, Mr. Niemeyer covered our 4 foundations using BEARS as an acronym. Then again, discusses each one more extensively at the end - you can see those as well in the same playlist. Currently, we are teaching one breathing technique each week and practicing those breathing strategies to help us calm down after recess, after a challenging activity, and when calm because we KNOW we have to practice something when we are calm in order to be able to utilize it when we are not calm. More breathing videos will be added each week up to winter break. This will equate to manners, expectations, foundational practices/beliefs, and breathing techniques to help our students be successful students/friends/community members for the entire first half of the year. All of this is geared toward student social & emotional well-being and success at school. Please click the link below to watch some of those videos. You can use them at home with your child when things get tense or suggest everyone use them in moments of frustration.

Inclement Weather Protocols

This is just a reminder of our cold weather protocols. It is important to update your contact information as we use our robocall system to notify parents/guardians of bus delays and emergency situations as they arise.

Alternate Bus Routes:

Below please find a list of areas that are commonly checked during severe weather conditions. Past experience has confirmed that these areas are places where school buses have a higher probability of getting stuck in the snow, so alternate bus stops have been established for these areas. More alternate bus stops could be added depending upon severe weather conditions, and the ability of school buses to maneuver safely through neighborhoods and subdivisions.

At this time, we do not anticipate the need for alternative bus routes. However, please see the 2022 alternative bus stops in the case they are needed.

  1. Bobby Jones Blvd @ Park across from Vardon Pl - Yellowstone Country Club including Sam Snead Trl (RT 29, West High; RT 23, Arrowhead Elementary)

  2. Rifle Creek Trl @ Iron Horse Trl - Rehberg Ranch (RT 10, Skyview and Castle Rock Middle School; RT 73, Alkali Creek Elementary)

  3. Hwy 87 N @ Lorraine St - Hidden Lake Subdivision including Lorraine St (RT 1 Skyview and Castle Rock Middle School)

  4. Duck Creek Rd @ Fritz Rd – Fritz Rd @ S Keller Rd PM Stop (RT 11 PM, West High)

Alternate bus stops would not necessarily be limited to the above areas. Other areas could be included, depending upon weather conditions. Parents will be notified of alternate bus stops via local media, and automated phone calls no later than 6 a.m. on that day.

If the busses are using alternative bus stops, or if delays take place, we attempt to inform families and staff through a variety of ways. Communication with our Billings Public Schools’ families is paramount to our students’ and staff’s safety. Below is a brief list of resources parents may use to learn about alternative bus stops and other effects of adverse weather conditions.

  • SD2 Robocalls - automated telephone notification system notifies parents within 45 minutes of being launched. Parents need to be sure that all phone numbers are updated with their children’s schools.

  • Stay connected with local TV, radio stations, and the Billings Gazette.

Other Inclement Weather Tips:

  • Expect buses to run late and be prepared for this event.

  • Please wait at the bus stop with your children until the bus picks them up. Students need the ability to get out of the elements in the event the bus is late.

  • Observe the following winter safety tips with your students who walk to and from the bus stops or schools:

    • Dress appropriately for cold weather – sweaters, pants, winter coats, hats, scarves, socks, and boots. Even when on a bus, it may not heat well in extreme cold, may breakdown, or might even get stuck.

    • Allow extra travel time to get to the bus stop or school.

    • Wear bright jackets or coats so bus drivers can easily see you in the morning or evening.

    • Stand at least 10 steps away or back from bus stops. Buses need extra room to stop when there is snow or ice.

    • Do not walk or play on snow mounds or ice within 10 feet of the roadway – you can fall and slip into the roadway and be at risk of being struck by a vehicle.

    • Do not cross the street at your bus stop until all traffic has come to a complete stop and the bus driver has signaled that it is safe to cross.

While we attempt to make the best safety decisions for the entire district, we respect the fact that parents must make the final decision on whether their children attend school or not during severe weather conditions. Also, please discourage our high school students from driving in bad conditions and offer them alternatives if weather conditions worsen.

Finally, if you do not automatically receive the Superintendent’s Newsletter, you can register at This will allow you to receive important information during the school year.

Thank you,

Greg Upham
Billings Public Schools



Please abide by these rules, be patient and be kind - especially as the weather changes and snow begins to fall! We need pick up, drop off, and parking areas closest to our school for those that need it. Thank you!

You may use the entire curbed area in the morning to pull up, stop, let your child out, wish them well, and drive to work or back home between 7:45am and 8:20am. Parking, waiting for any duration beyond a minute or exiting the vehicle along the curbing, is not permitted. Curbing in the morning is to drop off riders and move along. Please do NOT double park and let your child out the car in the middle of the drive because it's full or you can't find a parking spot.

After school, the YELLOW is for BUSSES only; BLUE is for HANDICAP and LICENSED DAYCARE ONLY. To park in the very limited blue curb area, you need to have a handicap license plate or temporary permit OR be a licensed daycare - picking up grandkids, others' kids, watching friends' kids, etc. does not mean you are a daycare.


Please talk to your child about keeping their toys, trading cards of any type, stuffed animals, and sports equipment at home. We provide footballs, basketballs, volleyballs, four-square balls, jump ropes, hula hoops, etc, at school for each recess. There may be a special day at school that teachers have said other items listed above would be okay, but you should receive some communication from us on these days and what is allowed. Thanks for your help!

BEAR24 Manners & Expectations

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