RSMA Learn At Home Announcement

March 19. 2020

RSMA Learn At Home Announcement

Learn At Home!

We are ready to transition to RSMA Learn At Home!

We are excited to reconnect with all of you online really soon.

We know that there will be struggles for families and the school staff as we completely change the way in which we teach. We will all learn a lot of new things in the coming weeks, and we will be all the better for having to step out of our comfort zones and into a new learning space.

We know that a lot of families will be facing challenges with Learning At Home, and we are looking to provide you with as much support as we can through this time. On our website homepage and linked in the letter below are some initial resources and help tools that we think will be helpful for you.

What a Staff!

I can not speak more highly of the RSMA staff at large. Our teachers, educational assistants, school aides, counselors, school based support staff, custodians, kitchen staff, office staff, School Safety Agents, and administration have spent the last 72 hours working, actually and honestly - tirelessly to transition RSMA to Learn At Home. A lot has been done we have put initial structures in place to:

  • keep students learning

  • connect with students regularly

  • continue providing Special Educational, English and Multilanguage Learner, and Counseling supports

  • ensure that we are monitoring all students and providing the necessary outreach to families to help students who we identify are in need of learning and/or social emotional support

What we are still working on...

While a lot has been done, there is still more to be done. We will do this together.

One of things we are still working on is the distribution of more devices. We surveyed families for their technological needs, and we contacted and distributed every device we could to an initial set of families. Chancellor Carranza has committed to providing more devices to students, and when we receive those devices we will reach out - however Edmodo allows students to participate in Learn At Home on nearly any device.

This is a time when we all need to pull together and help one another, so we ask that within households you please share devices to allow for students to access what they may need to access. We have structured Learn At Home in a way that does not require students to be logged on to the internet for extended periods of time. Teachers are looking to provide both synchronous and asynchronous learning. We know who may still need a device and we are working to get those to you as soon as we can.


RSMA will transition to Learning At Home through a platform called Edmodo. Edmodo is a global education network that services over 90 million students across 194 countries. Edmodo will be good for RSMA Learn At Home for a few reasons:

  1. Edmodo is a learning management system that is friendly to all our ages PreK-8th Grade in different ways.

  2. Edmodo allows us to create a virtual copy of the physical school, and allows the RSMA community to stay connected as one.

  3. Edmodo can serve as a hub for teachers, students, and families to many other educational web-based services.

  4. Edmodo works on nearly every device from a computer to laptop to tablet to smartphone.

We are committed to continuing to provide school and community events in a virtual setting (we just need to reimagine how those will take place), and Edmodo is our vehicle to do that. We understand that in the past RSMA teachers have communicated and provided classroom information through a multitude of other services, but in choosing Edmodo we are looking to unify the school in a moment when we all need to Learn At Home. Teachers may continue to provide updates through their regular service until we transition everyone to Edmodo.

Unlocking Potential With Edmodo

Parents As Co-Teachers

We know that most of you are accustomed to being a parent, and not an academic teacher. So we have a helpful guide that was compiled by one of our teachers to help some parents provide a suitable Learn At Home environment and routine. That document can be found at

Mandatory Family/Student Action for Learn At Home

Edmodo Set-up: Edmodo set-up Guide ( This includes the 3 Step Guide to setting up your child on Edmodo. Children of a certain age can do this themselves if you would like. No student needs an email to join Edmodo (they can add it though if they would like now or later). As the guide states, students sign-up and then parents/guardians are able to sign-up. You can view a Parent Sign-up Help Video Here ( As a parent, if you do not sign-up for an account, the school will follow-up to ensure that you help you set one up.

How do I sign up as a parent?

RSMA Learn At Home Help & Resources

As I mentioned, we have a number important resources as we transition to RSMA Learn At Home:

  1. Main Office: We know that in a physical school sometimes people have a question and they are unsure of what to do, so they contact the school’s main office. So we have created an email for you to contact and someone can return your question by email or phone. The email address is Please use this as you may need.

  2. Tech Help: If you are having any technology issues at home we want to help. Contact RSMA Tech Help and we will be in touch to help you.

  3. Learn At Home FAQ We have created a Learn At Home Frequently Asked Questions Document here, if you have more questions, please contact the Main Office.

We are with you...

At these uncertain and troubling times, please always know that your RSMA community is with you through whatever may come. Reach out to us so we can try and be of assistance with anything that comes your way.

In partnership,

Steve Hernon & the entire RSMA Staff