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Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about your Thirty-One business. I am here to support you on your journey!

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Better Together events are being held in locations across the country February 20-27.

Register today to invest in your business – and yourself – by joining your Thirty-One sisters for some face-to-face fun, training and inspiration.

At this special event you’ll receive tools to help you bring more people to the party, grow your team and set goals for your best season ever. Learn more about our expanded personalization options – including our new Signature Canvas Pillows – and how to share them with customers. As always, we’ll be taking time to recognize all of your amazing achievements over the past few months.

Reserve your spot today, but hurry – registration is open only through Jan. 20.

For more information on this event, view the FAQs on TOT.


Ready, Set, Sell!

This is a fabulous way to earn *NEW* Spring products and business supplies for FREE! How are your parties coming along? Do you need to schedule one? It is not to late!

Add-On Kit

From Dec. 30 - Jan. 20, you can purchase the Spring Add-On Kit for only $40. It features three products totaling a value of $125.
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Don't miss it!

Growing Better Together - Downline Retreat

  • Price includes room (you will be rooming with others), meals, training, entertainment and materials needed for anything we may be doing while there. Meals include dinner Friday evening, breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday as well as breakfast on Sunday morning.

  • Once you have registered, you will be invited to an "event" on Facebook where you can see who else is attending and the cabin we will be staying in! We are going to have so much fun ladies! Really looking forward to it!

  • Over half the spots are already filled. The largest cabin has been reserved, so once the spots are full, registration will close.
  • This is something you are not going to want to miss. I can't say it is better than conference because they are totally different, but this retreat offers a more intimate opportunity to build relationships and get to know your Thirty-One cousins.
  • Take advantage of this opportunity. This is the first time she has opened this retreat to the entire downline. Normally it is only available for the leaders in her downline.

Check out the Team Challenge!

Beat your Personal Best! - Not sure how to find it? Contact me today and we will figure it out together and make a plan!
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Team Enjoying My Journey Page

This is our team's page. Here I keep albums of monthly special pictures and update the page with clever ideas for selling our products. I also give random shout outs to the team members throughout the month.

Robinson Rockstar Downline Page

This is your Senior Director (SD) Amy Robinson's Downline Page. She is great at keeping her page up to date with the latest happenings in Thirty-One.

SED Carla Eck's Lineage of ECKcellence

This is your Senior Executive Director (SED) Carla Eck's Lineage Page. She often offers facebook training to the entire downline. These are trainings you don't want to miss out on!