Why not be a Pediatrician?

Help Children Fight Illnesses!!!! By:Sophia Guglielmucci


When you are a pediatrician you have to diagnose, treat and help prevent children's diseases and injuries. Pediatricians help children "fight" against bacteria and germs. They are the reasons we don't get the cold, flu or viruses.
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A Day in the Life - Pediatrician


To be a pediatrician a person would need to go to graduate school and may need a masters degree and a Ph.d, M.D, or J.D. They also will need to do some on job training. They will need many skills for a job like this.

Requirements for Higher Level Positions

The requirements for higher level jobs are to have the things above. They will need active listening, science, reading comprehension.


The average salary is about $175,000. The highest specialty is pediatric allergist. .
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