Forced Labor in Malaysia

What happened to the people who made your Nike t-shirts?

In July of 2008 a Nike factory (the Hytex factory) in Malaysia violated Nike's code of conduct when they used forced labor to make their t-shirts. The Hytex factory had been making t-shirts for 14 years. About 1,200 people worked there. To learn more about this, go to this site:

"Slaves" passports were taken from them so that they could not go home. If they wanted their passports back, then they would have to buy it back. These people only made 45 Australian dollars a week, when they were working 6 days a week. It was nearly impossible to get their passports back. There was no escape from the factory.

Their living quarters weren't good either. There were 26 men per room. Men bathed/showered from a small pipe. Only a little water came out of it.

7 News did a report on this. The Hytex factory was forced to shut down the terrible living quarters and buy the workers apartments. They gave them back their passports so that anyone who wanted to leave could leave. To learn more about this go to this site: