Mrs. Bell's Pre-K Class

March 21-25, 2016

Circus Link

Parents, attached is the link of the Cirque de Pre-K. Please do no post this to any social media website.!56075&authkey=!ABmJCUYeGxUpA-I&ithint=album%2c

Enjoy reliving your child's performance again.

This week in Pre-K

Spring is in the air! As we begin to notice all the different signs of Spring, we will embark on a study of plants. We will look at different types of plants and identify what all plants need: soil, water, air and sunshine. We will also read many wonderful books about plants both fictional and non-fiction.

Tomorrow there will be a substitute teacher in our classroom. Mrs. Karen Skrownski will be here in my place and I will be back on Tuesday, March 22. Mrs. 'S' as the children refer to her, has been in our classroom before and knows the children and the routine. Please make her feel welcome and give your children a heads up that Mrs. Bell will be out but she and Piaget will be back on Tuesday!

I hope you all had a wonderful relaxing week off and enjoyed the beautiful Spring weather. Friday, March 25 is a holiday so we will have a short week, but it will be jam packed with lots of learning for your children. We will also be wrapping up the End of Year Assessment and I will be happy to share your child's progress with you if you are interested.

Enjoy your day and Happy Spring!

Mrs. Cathy Bell