January 2014 - Parent Connect

God's Word

Each month we will encourage children to memorize one verse of Scripture.

January's memory verse is found in Matthew 19:26...

"With God all things are possible."

As you repeat the verse with your child, try using the following hand motions to help your child/children remember the words.

With (Hug yourself with your arms)

God (Point up)

all (Spread your arms out in a moving circle in front of your body)

things (Lay right hand in your palm of your left hand)

are possible (Two thumbs up)
Matthew 19:26

If you have younger children, do not be discouraged if they unable to remember the motions and/or the words at first. Scripture is powerful, and simply exposing your children to it daily is beneficial in so many ways!

Awe and Wonder!

This month children will be learning stories filled with awe and wonder.

Jesus filled empty nets with fish, fed five thousand with just a few fish and loaves, walked on water, and calmed a storm with just a word. WOW! Jesus did some truly miraculous things before He did the most amazing thing of all, died to save us. These are the stories that make us say, “Hmm, Jesus really can do anything!”

The Adventure in Adventureland...

You might wonder...why the name? What kind of adventure goes on in that 'land' on the hall?

What we love about God is that every day is an adventure... the kind of adventure where we have a map (God's word), lots of gear (Scripture, God's armor, prayer, the Holy Spirit, etc.), friends (fellow believers and God-seekers), and our main goal is to serve Jesus each and every moment along the way. It is an absolute joy to partner with you and your children as we learn more about God and the adventure He has planned for each one of us! It is humbling to witness as the children fully engage by worshipping, memorizing Scripture, singing, listening to God's Word, praying, etc. What true joy they have - how precious their childlike faith!!

Please know that our team prays for each of the children in Adventureland. We pray for you as parents and guardians, too! We are here for you, and we are SO excited about 2014, as we teach the little ones that God loves them, God made them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever (our 3 basic truths in Adventureland)! Come take a peek in the rooms when you drop off your children - God has provided new toys, new volunteers, new decorations, etc. Praise Him!

Enjoying this adventure,

Meradith Capps