Junior Kindergarten Class News

Learning with Mrs. Hannan and Miss Lucy

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

March was a busy and exciting month in Junior Kindergarten. We began by celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday. We read several books by Dr. Seuss and learned to rhyme very well. Some fourth graders came to read Dr. Seuss's I Can Read with My Eyes Shut to us. After reading The Cat in the Hat with Mrs. Hannan, we had fun making an extra large Cat in the Hat project. We even had a birthday party for Dr. Seuss and frosted our own cupcakes!

Field Trip to Green Lane Park

We took our first bus ride and field trip to Green Lane Park where we learned how to identify a maple tree. We learned how sap is removed from the tree and made into maple syrup. Also, we tasted real maple sugar. We returned to school to enjoy pancakes with syrup and put together a sequencing project about the process of making maple syrup.

St. Patrick's Day Fun

We had a visit from a Leprechaun on Saint Patrick's Day! Mrs. Hannan shared a great story about the leprechaun with us, and we learned how tricky a leprechaun can be when he made a mess in our classroom. Luckily, he made up for it by leaving us gold pieces. After we found our "gold," we had a St. Patrick's Day party with green jello jigglers and green frosted cupcakes.

Dinosaur Unit

This month, we began our exciting unit on dinosaurs. We had an informative and fun presentation by Ruth Yeiser from Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy. We measured the length of a Brachiosaurus's neck using a rope, saw the size of the Tyrannosaurus Rex's mouth, danced a Dinosaur Stomp and listened to several interesting dinosaur books, including: Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp. We hope you love the colored dinosaur masks that we helped to make!

Otherwise, in the classroom with Mrs. Hannan, we made an Apatosaurus scene, and we learned about long-neck dinosaurs. Additionally, we used watercolors to paint a baby Maiasaur. We displayed it in its finger-painted egg. We also painted colored eggs with acrylics. We are hoping that baby Maiasaurs will hatch from them!

Looking Ahead

We will keep studying dinosaurs during April, and our study of springtime will continue as well. We look forward to warmer temperatures, beautiful flowers and new life all around us!