By: Grace Do, Isaac Colter, Tony Iordanov

MIstreated/Misunderstood Villian

Loki is dark mystical character, and he's always been know as an outcast, while Thor takes the role of the "Golden child". When Loki found out that he was adopted and that he is actually related to the ice frost giants. He is a mistreated villain, because secretly he just want to find a way to fit in and be accepted in Asgard. Instead of waiting for acceptance from everyone in Asgard he finds it in Jotunheim. Loki, Thor and other Asgardian hero, ran around numerous realms fighting for the greater good. The various heros including Thor were always more willing to fight and protect, but Loki is more calm and is a power hungry individual.
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Oliver warbucks is a very rich man that is a foreman in the rolling mills a local steel mill. He is a lonely man without children or a wife, all he has is his money. In WWll, he became a three star general. He falls in the benefactor column, because he adopted annie without being forced too. He offered her support and overtime he grew to love her.
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The Masquerader

Pain is fat purple-red imp with little horns and a bitten bat wing on the left side. Panic is the thing blue and green imp with long horns. He is slightly less cunning than Pain, but he is much more cautious and more cynical at times. Throughout the movie, Hercules, the two demons always seem to get Hercules in some type of trouble hoping he fails. The reason why they are consider Masqueraders, is because they transform into numerous life forms varying from little boys to snakes.